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Bottleneck John
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play hi-fi  Walk with me one more time..
play hi-fi  Too bad you had to leave 2006..
play hi-fi  Woke up this morning(Duo version)
play hi-fi  The D-jam..
play hi-fi  The G-jam..
play hi-fi  We can never tell
play hi-fi  I woke up this morning!!
play hi-fi  When everything is gone..
play hi-fi  Amazing Grace
play hi-fi  Didn´t my Lord deliver Daniel
I´ve been playing blues for a long time with different bands. It all began electric, kind of a blues-rock with lots of screaming guitars..

With age came the love for softer pure acoustic music. Acoustic blues won my heart!!

Best described as a mix of old-timey slideguitar Delta/Country-blues and Spirituals that have been heard and felt by audiences on numerous concerts and shows around the midst of Scandinavia.

The heart in the music is the genuine sound of ol'timey resonator guitars, when performing, me and my band also play piano, pump-organ, washboard, harmonica, double-bass, mandolin, kazoo and other typical instruments of the golden era! And what a wonderful sound they all make!!
Why this name?
It´s a cool old-timey name that tells what I´m all about!! Blues/Spirituals from the 20´s and 30´s played with a bottleneck on my old National resonatorguitars..!!
My real name is Johan Eliasson.. Not much blues in that name!
Do you play live?
Oh yes!! That´s my life.. I LOVE IT!! Anywhere where there´s a need for real old blues.. I´ll be there!! Lately it´s been a constant travelling around to do gigs, solo and in bands. A highlight so far is me playing in front of nearly one MILLION people in Swedish national television!! That was something extraordinary..
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I hope it will somehow make it easier for smaller unsigned artists to be avaliable for a BIG audience! And it seems to work! Thanks everyone for visiting me here and listening to my music!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely... And it will happen!!
Band History:
Been playin´ the blues for a long time..

Nowadays I mostly keep out of the band format, it´s easier to be on your own and if the gig requires, I put a band together.
Got lots of good friends, great musicians!

I do however have a couple of bands going: one electric, "The Mudcats" and three acoustic, "The Hot Tamales" which is a duo, "Heart & Soul" a quintet including piano and double bass, plays lots of spirituals. "Good Stuff" also a duo, piano and slideguitar, a bit like Scrapper Blackwell and Leroy Carr..

NEWS!! Check out video clips here:
Your influences?
The old bluesmen from the Delta..
Among others: Tampa Red, Blind Willie Johnson, Leroy Carr, Bo Carter, SON HOUSE and almost every other bluesman and woman playing in the 1920's & 30's..!!

Contemporary: Eric Bibb, Taj Mahal, Corey Harris among others..!!

Favorite spot?
Being out in the wilderness around my hometown called "LIT" A small village with a delta! Lots of tiny rivers makes a true delta!! And, of course, on any stage, in front of people there to listen to my music.. That's truly home to me!!
Equipment used:
I love my resonator and other acoustic guitars!! Singlecones and Tricones.. I´ve got a whole lot of old and interesting guitars! My oldest playable is dating from 1840/50!! They got lives of their own..

Check my Swedish site out, more pictures and music!!!
Anything else...?
Some words said about me in the press:

"Emotional and bare with Johan Eliasson." (LT)

"Eliasson has a colourfull and emotional voice, like a smooth bourgogne with a certain roughness. " (LT)

"His greatest power lies within his nuanced voice. " (LT)

"With the right musicians around him, Eliasson will go far! Heart and soul is in his music." (Östersunds Posten)

"When You sing, Johan, You sound just like a black person!" (H.C. Boyer, Professor Afro-American music, USA)
(which for me is the same as being able to sing this music with soul)..

"Acoustic roots blues with an open soul and a big heart!" (LT)

"The Nidaros Bluesfestival´s hardest working bluesmen." Norway

"You can't be from Sweden - not with that raw blues sound in your blood and in your music." (Jack Walsh) U.S.A.

If you´d like to see some more photo´s of me and the bands, check out my Swedish site:

I have also the Singer/songwriter side of my music, I play mostly blues and spirituals, but sometimes when I write the songs comes out in different genres.. You know, I start writing and I don't know what the song will be like, it's exciting to see it take form on a blank paper..

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