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Man In Space
NEWS   Third cd is in the works. Finally.
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play hi-fi  Disobeying The Galaxy
play hi-fi  Bombdreaming
play hi-fi  Die Zeitmachine
play hi-fi  You Broke My Heart, So I Busted Your Tricorder
play hi-fi  _psyche'd'HELL'ic_
play hi-fi  JetPack Chase
play hi-fi  Surfs Down
play hi-fi  Liberator
play hi-fi  Robot Rock
play hi-fi  Liaisons Extraterretres
Man In Space are musicnauts exploring Space by sound.
Why this name?
It references to the Golden Age of Scifi and the Nasa program. Anything is possible in our music, in spirit with the forementioned.
Your influences?
Welllll, it's been ages since I updated my site or this page really. We are now working on our third cd, and not very much of the Hawkwind influence will remain. The old stuff is not at all representative for what we're doing now. A singer has joined the band, and the songs have become shorter; we're selling out, folks :D
I have no other name for it now than just rock. Still : it's rock, Jim, but not as we know it. And ofcourse bleeps a-plenty.
Equipment used:
Way more guitars than synths these days.
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