Majestic Drama
ICE BABY Feat Ogasilachi *black panther inspired*
Instrumentals with Hooks
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BEATS by Diamond Style
*NEW* BE WITH ME (Drake #1 Billboard Hit)
Beats General
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"Most simply said, I am the only one of my kind. I shape my craft working toward perfection more than humanly possible. Therefore with my craft, I am no longer human. I shape my heart to love more than humanly possible. Therefore with my heart, I am no longer human. I shape my mind to be able to handle any situation with the utmost stability. Therefore with my mind, I am no longer human. You see, I shape everything about me to be above the human capability of nearness to perfection. Therefore, most simply said, I am the [1]ne [A]nd [O]nly of my kind. The '[1AO]'. Music is my Life.™" - EWC3
Do you play live?
"Absolutely. I jump at any chance to perform all the time and I love it. I actually remember the first time I realized I could perform on stage WELL. I was at this church talent show when I was around 9 yrs. old and Latrese Bush was about to perform, then she asked me to sing with her and I agreed. I remember, we got on the stage and she asked me some questions about Jesus and how old I was and everything, then I started singing 'Jesus Loves Me' and the funniest thing happened. Everybody's facial expressions, including Latrese's, went from smiling at the cute little kid to eyebrows up and huge smiles at what they thought was amazing (I'm not just bragging on myself, they came and told me after the show). When I got off stage, Latrese said I tricked her because she didn't know I could sing 'like that'. Then my dad, who can critique music more accurately than anyone because he a musical genius, came up to me and said the same thing. From that moment on, I knew that was what I wanted to do. The faces, the applause, after the show... All of that. I loved it and now it's what I do."
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
A Christian with a passion for love, peace, hope, and music, EWC3 was born Edward William Callier III to Ricky and Joan Callier in the city of Portland, Oregon. Shown from birth, he had promise of great things. After a few years, the family eventually moved to the small town of Covington, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. Soon, though, the family began drifting apart eventually ending in divorce and separation, throwing his life into a domino effect of malicious situations. Though young, he has gone through what many people don't experience in a lifetime, but with trial came inspiration, and with inspiration came hope. Through a long-lived period of confusion, EWC3 still pressed on with God on his right side and music on his left. Now time has blossomed his promise, and has brought him to the point of prosperity and he's got his eyes set on the future and is moving forward, ready for what's to come.
Your influences?
"Michael Jackson, my dad, Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell, EWF, James Brown, and in way, Usher because I can't run away from his music, haha. Like, I love his music and he's a really cool guy, but I know the way I am when I hear music, especially music I like, and I don't want to infringe any copyrights."
Favorite spot?
"Portland, Oregon because it's my home."
Equipment used:
"Mainly for right now I use my Yamaha PSR-E413 for just about everything live and in studio because of the way you can tweak the sounds and it's portable."
Anything else...?
"Make sure you get my album '[1AO]:The [1]ne [A]nd [O]nly' coming January 1st, 2011!!"
"[1AO]:The [1]ne [A]nd [O]nly" Album Cover
"[1AO]:The [1]ne [A]nd [O]nly" Album Tray Art
"[1AO]:The [1]ne [A]nd [O]nly" Album Cover
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