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NEWS   Finished my CDR 'Keeping the balance', just the cover has to be done.

Summer Heath is included on the Workshop sampler, which is available on CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/procomposers

Recorded Summer Heath and rerecorded some old stuff.
Thunderstorm is on Portals III, the final sampler of Progressive Music Society, a group at Yahoo
'Music for a lost penguin' is completed and recorded and an mp3 is on this page.
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play hi-fi  Dancing death
play hi-fi  Sometimes I feel ....
play hi-fi  Some difference
play hi-fi  Piano salvation - 1 - Andante
play hi-fi  Piano salvation - 2 - Allegro
play hi-fi  Piano salvation - 3 - Adagio
play hi-fi  Piano salvation - 4 - Presto
play hi-fi  Piano salvation - 5 - Andante
play hi-fi  Music for a lost penguin
play hi-fi  Summer Heath
Rare Bird Productions is in fact a one woman project. I would like to have other musicians involved, especially for acoustic instruments, but at this moment it's just me, my synthesizers and my sampler.
Why this name?
Although there used to be a group named Rare Bird, it's not where my bandname originate from. I've taken it from a song by the German group Hoelderlin. The song is about the German Poet Friedrich Hölderlin, who live a large part of his life locked in a tower. I also feel a bit isolated, so I found the lyrics of the song very appropriate. Besides I very much like the music of the song, which the group never played live.
Do you play live?
I can't play live, but I would like to do something like a show with only visuals and music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet makes it in a way easier to get in thouch with a world-wide audience, but the disadventage is, there are so many trees in the forest, it's hard to stand out.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if the conditions are right. A major label still has more posibilities to promote my music.
Your influences?
My musical influences are very wide. I like to draw from my German favorites, like Hoelderlin and Schicke Führs Fröhling, the music of Finish bass-player and composer Pekka Pohjola, classical music and groups like Bel Canto, Karda Estra and Dead Can Dance
Favorite spot?
My favorite city is Cologne, but in fact I'm not realy very fond of cities. My favorite countries are Finland, Norway and Germany.
Equipment used:
Proteus/1, Kawai K1rII, Yamaha TX81Z, Akai Z4.
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