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Empathic Remixes
NEWS   The superb remixes for Misfilter and Sunburn in Cyprus are now available on the music page! - Currently working on a further remix for Misfilter and Arsov.
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play hi-fi  Cheju - Camellia (fracture4 remix)
play hi-fi  Sunburn in Cyrpsu - Out of Sight
play hi-fi  Fatboy Slim - Don't let the man get you down
play hi-fi  Misfilter - Angel with Me (Mr E Remix)
play hi-fi  Redbull Junkies - Fallen Angel (Mr E Remix)
play hi-fi  Redbull Junkies - Meltaway (Thawed out mix)
play hi-fi  Sunburn in Cyprus - Busy Day (Mr E Radio Mix)
play hi-fi  Sunburn in Cyprus - Now the Wind (Mr E Remix)
play hi-fi  BlindDivine - Time - Deep down remix
play hi-fi  BlindDivine - Time - Double Time Remix
Welcome to the remix page for Empathy, here you will find any remix work that has been produced for numerous different artists from around the globe.

For original productions please visit http://www.soundclick.com/empathy
Band History:
Empathy is the solo work of producer Stuart Elding from Boston, UK - This has led to a high demand from a diverse range of other artists asking for their songs to be given the unique Empathy sound.
Equipment used:
Apple Mac G4 500mhz, 512mb RAM, Cubase v4 with numerous plug-ins, Roland XP-60, Yamaha CS2x, E-MU Xtreme Lead 1
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