MrPower in TheStation.. Havin fun
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Old Skool Vid I Did..
Scott Styles
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play hi-fi  Devils Flight - 2014 - (Prod. by L.M.B.ent.)
play hi-fi  You Stay Trippin - 2014 - (Prod. by L.M.B.ent.)
play hi-fi  Hard Hitter - 2014 - (Prod. by L.M.B.ent.)
play hi-fi  INTENSE HipHop - 2014 - (Prod. by L.M.B.ent.)
play hi-fi  Hip Hop - Bells - 2014 - (Prod. by L.M.B.ent.)


Why this name?
The letters L.M.B. comes from a quote of mine where I'm spiritually talking to my mothers. Standing for "Look M.o.M.M. Beats" L.M.B. holds several meanings. I was gifted with two mothers hence the two M's. It also stands as an acronym meaning "Money on My Mind". A small jab at being unique.
Do you play live?
I haven't played any live events. I generally sit at a table tuning sounds and sequencing them all together. Nothing to exciting to draw a crowd. I have done a couple of YouTube videos if that counts any lol.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows a greater level of opportunity.. You can get a hit single from New York to Jadan in a matter a seconds.. Its no limit to your mobility.. Instead of a big cassette tape or cd case you simple have data..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely.. Granted I'm aloud to bring in my label under theirs with sole control of any action taken towards said company.. :D
Your influences?
My family, my neighborhood, friends near and far.. Expectations laid down by myself.. The greats before me,, Dre, Swittz, Scott, too many to mention thats just to name a few..
Favorite spot?
NYC hands down..
Equipment used:
My equipment is very simple. I work off a Dell Inspiron. I mostly use the keyboard to trigger notes. When I want more variety I have a another midi keyboard I connect just to brainstorm a lil.
Anything else...?
I believe everyone deserves atleast one honest shot to determine if all they've got it's as amazing as they believe it to be.
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