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Doc Rogers and the Roc Dodgers
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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The band Doc Rogers and the Roc Dodgers, and the blues, are synonomous in the state of Maryland as well as Delaware, Virginia, DC and PA. The band loves the music, and it is evident in their live performances.
Why this name?
It was a name that just kind of stuck. (say it three times fast-come on, I dare you).
Do you play live?
We play a more relaxed schedule these days, but will play just about anywhere, as we truly love what we do. We believe that we get paid to move equipment and play music for free. ( don't go quoting me on that)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has made available to everyone a wealth of music that until now had never been so readily accessible. Bands and musicians have the ability to reach far more people than ever before. By the same token, listeners are blessed with the ability to hear contributions from all over the globe with just a mouse click. We also believe in the ability to reach far greater audiences and allow them to hear your work by offering some of it for free. If you like it, support the artists by purchasing their work. That truly is the key to keeping this thing rolling, and growing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think so. These days, the ability to do well without one is a far greater possibilty than ever before.
Band History:

Rick Wilkerson - drums, percussion, vocals

Steve Cayce - guitar, vocals

Mark Butcher - guitar, vocals

Steve Buchholz - bass, vocals

Your influences?
Our influences are pretty varied, but gravitate towards groove oriented music. Lots of movin' and groovin'.
Favorite spot?
New Orleans at Jazzfest time.
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