David Kampmann
NEWS   Next solo gig: Mojo, Copenhagens premier blues club, April 22, 10.00 PM. Three sets. Hope to see you there!
Gummy Beatz
What You Mean To Me (Original Guitar)
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play hi-fi  Window Sill
play hi-fi  Along the Nevski
play hi-fi  Evening Kiss
play hi-fi  Plucking
play hi-fi  Mahogany mood
play hi-fi  Alfred's Rag
play hi-fi  Birch Tree Rag
play hi-fi  Pause
play hi-fi  The homage Reel
play hi-fi  David's Jitterbug Swing
I'm really a rock guitarist, and I used to play professionally in various bands.

These days, I'm into country blues, ragtime and slide playing in open tunings on my National Reso-phonic Tricone Style 1 guitar. I'm attracted to the idea of one person being able to play everything necessary for a full listening experience, the portability and ever-readiness of the one-man-band. I guess this is a very social attraction too, and hence I hope you'll enjoy the tunes I've uploaded here.

Everything you hear is recorded in my home on my PC using RME hardware interface and a Rode Nt-1 condenser microphone. Voice and guitar at the same time, into the same microphone.
Why this name?
It's my own name.
Do you play live?
Yes I do, I play clubs and all sorts of venues. I like it a lot.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes everyone able to reach one another musically, as well as socially through sites like this. I think this is great, although I can't really see it changing the commercial music industry all that much. Illegal downloads? - well, that's another thing entirely. I won't pass judgement on that here.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Shure - if they know what they're getting, and aren't bent on changing everything right off the bat. Can't see it happening, though, and that's fine with me.
Band History:
As I said before, I'm into getting a good tone on my acoustic instrument, and playing it because I have too, and because it makes me happy to play it, and to share my music with anyone interested in giving it a listen. Thanks for coming around.
Your influences?
Jimi Hendrix, for the soul and the love of it, Blind Willie Johnson for the sheer emotional universality and spirituality, Robert Johnson for the power and the poetry, Tampa Red for the sweet tone and the gentle touch, Skip James for the vision, Bukka White for the energy and the life force, Sam Chatmon for the tonal language - the list goes on, but I'll stop here.
Favorite spot?
The small island of Laesoe, in the middle of the north sea of Denmark.
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