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Dave Atkinson
NEWS   I have recently been able to restore and reproduce on CD my 1976 vinyl album 'The Beggar and The Sand'. As well as all the original tracks, there 4 additional tracks (3 of them fine covers of the originals) and it is presented in a professionally packaged Digipak format. A couple of the tracks can be heard at:https://soundcloud.com/user-197491357/
If interested in the CD, please contact me on:

Last few copies remaining.......what they are saying about The Beggar and The Sand:

"A few of the many highlights on the album for me are 'City Limits', 'Where The Sea Begins', Yvet's voice - love her singing on 'Galleons', Ken's distinctive voice and the Dylanesque quality of your vocals. I love the lyrics and how English the album sounds with the references to Manchester etc."

"Great work Dave, it is an album I will continue playing and enjoying for many months".

"I bought one, and I'm hooked".

"I like your new version of Child of history and am particularly impressed with Phillip's cover of Perfect Love. Just had a mail from George saying how much he likes the Galleons cover. No good cover without a brilliant song, of course!"

"Good production, well done. But I didnt think the bonus tracks were much of a bonus, really. The best was your new version of Child of History, that was alright".
Cash LeSure
Dreaming (Buy 1 Get 3 Free)
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I have been singing, playing and writing for over 40 years - and the music has always been a key part of my life and for me the songs capture life's moments in a way that no picture, memory or physical souvenir can do. I love the fellowship with others it brings and, I love song as an art form and delight in the many manifestations of the form I encounter along the way. There are of course enough songs out there already and no need for more from me, but, sometimes seemingly driven by a force outside me, the songs have kept coming. A survey of the songbook would find some favourite material originating from 1970-73 and a steady output continuing until 1990 by which time there were 320 songs. For the next 10 years there was virtually nothing and it appeared to be over, then late in 2001 my mischievous muse woke again and since then has supplied me with another 50 plus songs - but quantity was never a guarantee of quality, was it? - but there really are people who like some of them, and some of the older stuff has endured well.

Why this name?
It's my name!
Do you play live?
I love playing live, usually it has been in the relative 'safety' of those who know me, where I can vary what I do to meet the tastes of the company and mix 'sing all ye' covers with some of my own material. I am try to get out more to open mic type things and then that I usually hear something from someone else to inspire and delight me - as well as the chance to try out some of my own songs. I love singing for friends who know me and the songs, and there was no greater joy than when grandchildren of my peers asked me to play material that I had written over 30 years ago.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It means anybody can get their stuff out there without any intermediate filter to assure quality and determine taste - there is good and bad in that, we do not need to be told what to like and not like but there is a lot out there now, not all of it 'good', although gems to be discovered everywhere. Whether my own contributions add to the 'not good' or to the 'gems' really depends on what you like and don't like. I try not to take myself too seriously, although that resolve sits uneasily with the self promotion needed to get your stuff out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sadly (perhaps) money remains one of the main ways we register value in the world. But as for me I am richer every time someone says 'I like that song', and enriched many times over by songs and performances I hear from others.
Band History:
I was briefly in a band called 'The Silver Dufflecoats' (!) but basically I am a solo performer.
Your influences?
Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne, Kris Kristofferson, Gram Parsons, Steve Knightley - also the Brill building 60's songsmiths and the 'Great American Songbook' have often been great sources of wonder and inspiration. I get inspiration from my fellow Chester songwriters, and local band the Deportees. And my Mum, the first person to tell me I had a song to sing. http://www.facebook.com/groups/403632133027839/
Favorite spot?
I love the English Lake District, the Welsh mountains, the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and many places on the coast of the British Isles. 'I haven't been all over but I've been here
and there/And to the hills and shores of home, nothing can compare'. Indeed!
Equipment used:
A 37 year old Yamaha acoustic guitar, plus harmonicas each made special by their history -
C: belonged to my father-in-law, Tom Weedall; G:25th wedding anniversary present from my wife, Jackie; D: given to me by Cliff Hall of the Spinners when I sang 'The Last House in Erskine Street' at Gregson's Well (just round the corner from Erskine Street) in Liverpool in 1972; D: engraved and given to me by my daughters Katie and Amy on my 60th birthday - this enabled me to give the Cliff Hall one an honourable retirment. 'C': A 'Bob Dylan' Signature Series' one given to me by my friends at Halton Disability Partnership when I retired in June 2015. And I have a few percussion things which I hit not very rhythmically.
I make recordings on a Tascam 8 track hard disk recorder.
Anything else...?
I have recorded quite a few songs, now all collected on 10 separate CD's. I have also got sheet music (top line, chords and words) for around 50 of the songs. Just e-mail me on dave.atkinson27@googlemail.com if you are interested. Thank you!
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