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E Da Gutta Baby
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Born n Lakeland, Florida to Patricia Yvette Brown March 21, 1982, Imoved to Atlanta when I was 13 where I learned Poetry skills and in turn placed my lyrics onto beats. I dropped a mix Cd which generated no attention but I didn't quit.
After moving back to florida in 2000, I was locked up a few times, one time was for three years. After release I came to Corpus Christi Texas where I've recorded 2 solo albums and 3 mix cds, done numerous amounts of impromptu shows at Karaoke Venues, and headlined a show at Club Compound. Right now I'm enjoying the rung of the ladder I'm on, and still climbing

Why this name?
I talk real dirty to women sexually and one day this chick I was talking to just simply said "Your mind is in the Guter Baby" ever since then I been the original Gutta Baby.
Do you play live?
Yes, currently in Corpus Christi where the label got its start from, but looking to perform in Houston, Florida, and Atlanta
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Dramatically. it made it easier to hustle in some aspects, harder in other.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not a recording deal, thats how most artists get screwed. I feel they supply a good enough Advance and I will produced them with product to distribute, so a distribution deal is a little better. But I still rather have sponsors than a contract.
Band History:
I started music when I was young. It was in m7y blood for my Uncle La Ray sang and my dad played the keyboard. When I moved to Atlanta I perfected a lot of my talents. Prison also played a major influence on my style, being around the best artists the world will never know. Then moving to Texas put me in hustle mood with the music. I would perform songs at Karaoke venues and the like till i got a name for myself. and the history is still in the making so keep up with "E" Da Gutta Baby. (Google Me)
Your influences?
Tupac, Biggie, Fugees, DMX, OutKast, Goodie Mo.B, T.I., and Trick Daddy
Favorite spot?
ATL Shawty
Equipment used:
right now just my Axiom 25 and Fruity loops and Sonar
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