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Based in Guelph, Ontario, James Gordon is known to many North Americans as the founder of Canada's premier folk group TAMARACK. With this durable trio he toured every corner of the continent, recorded fourteen albums, and made countless television and radio appearances. He has become well-known for his original songs about Canada's identity and heritage. He was a regular songwriting contributor to the CBC radio programmes "Ontario Morning" and "Basic Black". He has also released numerous solo albums for adults and children , composed works for symphony orchestras, co-written a popular series of "Jim and Dave" family musicals and written music for theatre, dance and film. His songs have been recorded by a number of other artists including The Cowboy Junkies, Melanie Doane, Hilary Spencer, Al Simmons, Ian Bell and James Keelaghan.
These days James tours North America and Great Britain with the legendary Canadian pop icon Sandy Horne on bass and vocals, and produces CD's for other artists at his Pipe Street Studios. In 2002 he released 5 different CD's of his own music. His first full-length musical, "Hardscrabble Road" debuted in late 2003, and his next album on Borealis Records is due to be released soon. There's a lot of info available at jamesgordon.ca .
Please listen to this selection of works from Gordon's long and varied career, and drop us a line to say hello!