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NEWS   David Rovics has a new CD and a new t-shirt! Check 'em out!
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play hi-fi  Tunisia 2011
play hi-fi  Song For Chelsea Manning - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  Riot Dog - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  Cordova - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  Sugihara - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  I'm A Better Anarchist Than You (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  East Tennessee - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  John Brown - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  Burn It Down - (big red sessions)
play hi-fi  Song For The Mavi Marmara (brs)
Dear listeners,

I have a new physical CD out called If I Had A Hammer, as well as new t-shirts, that sport the phrase (and song title), "I'm A Better Anarchist Than You." Check 'em out on my online store!

My latest 3 online-only albums, Spies Are Reading My Blog, Into A Prism and Everything Can Change, are available stream for free on my Bandcamp page. (For the latter two you can also download for free -- "Spies" download is $5+ donation.)

You can also download both the band and solo acoustic versions of Meanwhile In Afghanistan (for free). Pretty much everything I ever recorded in a studio prior to those recordings you'll find below here on Soundclick, one song at a time...

Giving away music is easy, but making a living is harder. If you want to help me continue to make a living and give away my music:

1) SUBSCRIBE to me -- make my dream of a fully crowdsourced career come true and gets lots of neat stuff, too!

2) Share these songs here on my Soundclick page with your friends. (Especially your friends who host radio shows and organize festivals.)

3) Get on my email list so you'll hear about the next tour I'm doing near you -- then come to a show!

4) Volunteer to organize a show next time I'm in your area. (I tour regularly on four continents, so there's at least a decent chance I'll be there soon...)

Thanks! Hope to see you on the road and in the streets!

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