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NEWS   Just in case you miss it in browsing individual compositions, all of my songs are available for download free of charge. There are, of course, some conditions for using the music beyond personal listening. Enjoy!
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Oliver, the dynamic cat, performing to dramatic music that captures her amazing antics.
*NEW* NITE TIME (YNB Nahmir x 6ix9ine type)
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play hi-fi  Spiked Wonderland
play hi-fi  Closing Time
play hi-fi  Waiting
play hi-fi  For Jazzy
play hi-fi  House of the Rising Sun II
play hi-fi  Talkin' Sh** Blues
play hi-fi  Opening Credits
play hi-fi  Baroque Flamenco
play hi-fi  Vung Tau II
play hi-fi  Gizelle's Lullaby Waltz
I lied. My "band" started out as a Yamaha SW1000XG sound card, now Cubase4, and I "play" all of the instruments. The music is all original, sequenced by step entry in Cubase4, and gets its final mix and encoding in Audacity.
Why this name?
('Absynth' has gone it's way but I haven't cleaned up references. I use my own name now.) "AbSynth" productions is a take on the libation, absinthe. The root "ab" means "from" - "synth" refers to the synthesizer. Thus "AbSynth" is from the synthesizer.
Do you play live?
No live play - only MP3s and CDs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Two words which come to mind are "accessability" and "portability". MP3 also opens up the opportunity for composers and bands to go public without having to deal with the ugly business of record labels and the expense of studios.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I doubt that I'd ever be offered one (given the nature of what I do). I'd think twice before I'd let myself get pinned down by a studio.
Band History:
The history of my band would be my own history, I guess. A thousand years or so ago I took piano lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, training on the baritone (horn), and various other trainings (even tap dancing). I've had a couple of actual "bands" - "The Shire Folk", which did folk music back in the late 60's and early 70's; and Swine Blu, a blues band which grew out of a computer bulletin board (any former Pig Sty Swine out there?) which existed long before the internet.
Your influences?
I've been influenced by just about everything I've ever heard. Though I've listed AbSynth Productitons as a "rock" band, you'll hear everything from rock to classical and marching band music.
Favorite spot?
Where ever my wife is at the time. Oooops. She's calling.
Equipment used:
Cubase4 with Halion samples; Cubase4 and Audacity for mixing and the final encoding. The sound is "proofed" using headphones and again with a surround sound amplifier using 6 speakers. When in doubt, I cut a CD demo and see how it sounds on my stereo and in my car.
Anything else...?
Though I've owned guitars since I was 16, played baritone (brass) in a band for 5 years (THAT I could play) and took piano and drum lessons, my brain simply never really connected with my fingers. The music, however, is in my head and it has been fantastic having a computer and software to make music the way I'd like to if I had any actual facility with instruments. That might turn off actual performing muscians but I ask that you consider the end product. Using computer sequencing is the ultimate challenge. There is no excuse for anything less than ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in execution. That burden is heavy, and has kept me up late at night. There are so very many elements to achieve versimilitude.
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