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Seismic Anamoly
NEWS   Welcome to Seismo's Sanctuary....hope you enjoy the tunes!!
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Seismic Anamoly

"The brainchild of Meridian, Mississippi's Michael S., this instrumental rocker seethes with a growling guitar attack backed by post industrial rhythms. You feel the influences of Ministry and Ramstein, kissed with guitar work that can range from punked up squawk in "Just Don't Give a Damn" to hair metal shred in "Runnin' Amok." With fresh song writing approaches, Michael proves you don't have to be an arpeggio master to create intense rock guitar instrumentals."

Mark E. Waterbury

A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Mark "Stormy" Waterbury has been writing and photographing for publications throughout the past seven years of his life. Before migrating to Atlanta to avoid the harsh Wisconsin winters, he served as free-lance writer for Badger Entertainer, Keynote, and Night Sights and Sounds, all entertainment publications based in Madison. After his stint with Night Sights and Sounds, Mark opted to publish his own free music paper, created a partnership with Susan Masino, and co-published the regional entertainment magazine Rock Central located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mark's forté is interviewing celebs. He has conducted interviews with Rick Medlocke of Blackfoot, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, Kirk Hammet of Metallica, George Lynch of Dokken, Paul Stanley of Kiss, Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, Damon Johnson of Brother Cane, Jimmy Stiff of Jackyl, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Kip Winger, Bobby Byrd, and John Mayall, to name just a few.

The project Seismic Anamoly was started in 2002 by Michael S., who lives in Meridian, MS, USA. Seismic Anamoly has been composing and playing music only since 2000, and his work is done primarily utilizing his Peavey EVH Wolfgang, Millennium J Series Bass, and Indianola ER Acoustic. Seismic's arsenal includes tunes that could be classified as Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Guitar and Instrumental Rock.
Why this name?
My 6-year-old son chose it for me, incorrect spelling and all....some brain-dead f***-ups out there have a hard time believing it....they and I know who they are....the problem is their shoe-size IQ getting in the way....
Do you play live?
If the urge hits.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives the Indie artist multiple avenues to expose his/her music to the world...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Re: Bio above

Your influences?
Eddie Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie Montrose
Favorite spot?
Perdido Key, Florida
Equipment used:
Peavey EVH Wolfgang
Peavey 5150 Rig
The usual array of hardware/software for mixing...TasCam, PreSonus, M-Audio, Dell Dimension, Cakewalk, Acid Pro, SoundForge...

Anything else...?
Yeah...First....F*** the self-proclaimed, ball-less "real" musicians who proclaim themselves "King" and criticize other Artist's music out of infantile jealousy....truth be known, they couldn't hit the side of a barn much less a guitar string....what little Grey Matter they have has been Quick-Fried....

They don't like me...ahhhh...I'm crying all the way to the Bank. Come shut me up. You couldn't.


Two reviews of my work:

"'Howl At Tha Moon' sounds like a Viking Throwdown. Despite no melody, this track manages to be entertaining on sheer energy and heart. This could be the new Indian music, transcendental and good for dancing or meditating while you're ripped out of your brains. The tribal rage will never die. Your playing is all heart and embodies the spirit fully. The style is rendered without the need for fantastic solos or parts. If there were some awesome breaks or beats, differing instruments or passages of different music, there would be more opportunity for glory. But it rocks as is. This is the most straightforward music I've encountered in this genre; call it 'Wordless Rock Groove'."
(Music Industry Review,

"A good rhythm and beat is crucial to a song and is a fundamental to lovemaking. So when my head went to bobbing to this cd my girl said it ranked pretty high on the richter scale. It RAWKED, BROTHER!! In fact I think I knocked something loose. Oh wait...There was already something not right about my head! Too much hairspray and 80's Rock will do that to you, I guess. But now about Seismic Anamoly. I have before me 2 separate CD's and one common fact; both are hard to classify. At first I think Heavy Metal, and then I think Dance music.....HUH, you say?! Well, I can see it being both really. But to top it off, it's Instrumental Rock. S.A. has a style very much his own that's technically Metal with nice volume and velocity. I can see myself listening to this music on a long drive when I want to do some thinking without hearing somebody screaming over the music. S.A. has done very well for himself in the way of promotions. I have seen numerous websites that feature his music and several that have him ranked high on their list. He now ranks high on mine. Check it out for yourself."
(K-Man - CD Smash Magazine)