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Da Faktory Beats
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play hi-fi  *NEW* Money Long *FREE DOWNLOAD*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Pads_Kid_Cudi_HOT *FREE DL*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Space Coaster *FREE DOWNLOAD*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Sunshine (Wiz Feel)
play hi-fi  *NEW* What She Want *FREE DOWNLOAD*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Arp_Young_Money_HOT *FREE DL*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Mainstream_Big_Sean_Arps *FREE DL*
play hi-fi  *NEW* Trappin' In The Pussy *FREE DOWNLOAD*
play hi-fi  *NEW* 70's_Cy-Hi_Sampled_HOT
play hi-fi  *NEW* Hard Den a Bih *FREE DL*

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Why this name?
Because, in these times we need to MASS produce hot beats, not mas produce these WACK songs that are "poppin" modern day.
Do you play live?
Yes, EVERYHWERE, and I love music in general so of course....DaFaktory Beats
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Honestly, like everything, it has its ups and downs.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course in house production is a dream of mind...we also engineer..ahem
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