Scott Styles
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play hi-fi  Why Fight Over a Name? (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  It Takes Two (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  The Dream Will Come True (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  Just Wait and See (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  We Can Change Our World (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  Right Here Now (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  How Many? (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  Right-Wing Preachers (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  All That Glitters (2009 Recording)
play hi-fi  A Place to Dwell (2009 Recording)
NOTE: More recent recordings of these songs, with better arrangements and with more instrumentation, can be heard at (Click here.)

The songs here were his first recording attempts and are just first takes recorded in early 2009 when the now 73 year old artist's health was steadily declining. He felt he was dying, so he finally picked up his guitar again after 26 years of not playing or singing, and recorded as many songs as he could while he could still sing and play just enough to do it.

Since then with a new diagnosis and medicines his health improved a bit and he can breathe a bit better, so he has been working, whenever he was able, to improve the recordings and the arrangements, and record them on a better, 8 track digital portable studio recorder. It was kind of touch and go, but when he had relatively good days he did what he could and he finally produced a better 12 song album that he is a little more satisfied with.

But, even as they are the songs here also deliver an important and crucial message --- because the lyrics of the songs are even more relevant now than when they were written more than 30 years ago.

Please listen to more recent recordings (and two additional songs) by clicking here.)

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Sometime success is built upon a mountain of failures.