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Mike McDevitt
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My "band" (The Reluctant Heroes) is a group of dear friends that we add to when necessary. Key players include my co-writer Chris Roselle on bass and guitar (he won't admit it but he plays a mean lead guitar, although I played all the guitar parts and all other instruments on these songs). Chris writes some of the lyrics for the songs here and has been a close friend most of my life. Playing keyboards for "the Heroes" is Ken "King Kong" Klingberg, another close friend who helps keep me focused on the music. We are always looking for a good percussionist (or "concussionist" as the case may be). I welcome another dedicated guitarist. A good woman guitarist/vocalist would help me in performing some of the duets I have written and really add to the sound. Anyone interested in making some history?

I have written over 300 songs so far in this life. Chris and I together continue to write and have lost count on the number of songs; it is well into the multiple hundreds. Most of my songs are about life, personal relationships and my take on current events. Most of our songs are based on observation of what is happening in this crazy life. Some are introspective, some are just a snapshot of the moment. Life provides almost infinite material. I think you just need to be awake to the possibilties.

I play various styles of guitars (acoustic, 6 and 12 string electric), bass, some keyboards and percussion. I also am a studied vocalist and enjoy that quite a bit.

I enjoy many types of music, mostly rock, jazz, country, and some alternative styles. My band and I are open to many influences and enjoy a challenge, musically and vocally.

Why this name?
I am a big walker. I find it clears the head and helps focus the mind. I walk anywhere from 12-17 miles a week with my MP3 player blaring in my ears. I listen to new material that I (or we) put together and some old favorites as well as new stuff that's out there. I am very eclectic in my music taste.

One day recently, I was walking out my 3-5 miles and I had an "a-ha moment" when it just jumped into my head...."Mike McDevitt and The Reluctant Heroes." It says a lot about who we are and where we come from.
Do you play live?
Whenever and where ever people want to hear us and experience something different, genuine and memorable. I give everything I have to every song and every performance. We have done a good deal of studio work as well over the years.

One special moment for me happened a few years back when I was doing a little show and I started with a old Don McLean song I love and have performed for years called "Empty Chairs" then sequed into a few of my songs called "How" and "I Believe." A few women were there listening and tears came streaming from their eyes. I saw it while I was singing and was moved by that. They waited outside when I was leaving the place later that night and told me they were "grateful to me" and that my songs "touched them deep inside" and to "always keep singing my music no matter what." I had no idea that I could reach that level in a person, and it has happened a few times since. I am very grateful that something I created has that kind of an effect on someone.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a good thing. It helps spread the word about up and coming artists who might not otherwise be heard because they may not fit some predetermined "box" that the industry has carved out for them. I love to push the envelope and explore new styles and rhythyms.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure...I (we) am (are) always open to opportunities that allow us to create and be heard by a larger audience.
Band History:
Some names from the past that may (or may not) matter now include: Spectacle Illusion, The Private Dicks, Three Guys with Guitars, The Wayback Machine, The Appraisers, INU....I have been playing for well over 35 years now and never get tired of it...
Your influences?
I like some older styles like The Beatles, Clapton, U2, Buddy Holly, Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, CSN, Springsteen and some new performers like Sheryl Crow ( she's true to the music and not afraid to push the envelope), the blues, and what I write. A good song is a good song no matter how old it may be. I even do a personally arranged version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from time to time. It's a good song that reverberates.

Chris comes from a jazz and rock background and brings that to the table. Ken is a classically-trained pianist who loves the blues.
Favorite spot?
I've been around and been many places. I love travelling. I still enjoy places that I have not as yet seen.
Equipment used:
I play a Martin D-28 accoustic guitar, Hamer Special 6-string electric and Rickenbacher 12-string electric, and Casio and Korg synthesizers. I also dabble in various amp synthesizers and creative sound foundations. I also borrow instruments that I don't have and learn to play what I need to play for any given song. You can learn a lot that way. I also put much of my music through a Dean Markley amp system with Alesis processing. I use some Boss effects, Beyer vocal mics, Shure instrumental mics and a ton of creative thinking. Most of the recordings has been done with personally modified Tascam and Alesis equipment and processors.
Anything else...?
Thanks for coming. Stay awhile. Enjoy the sounds. Become a fan! Rate a song! Take the music with you...And Spread the News!

I hope we passed the audition!
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