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NEWS   Hey All! How is everyone this month! Hope everyone had a great July 4th, those on the list who celebrate it! Well, things have been quite interesting lately, so here we go!!

Well, for those of you not in the know, I left my full time job in May to try to make a full time go of this music thing! So far so good. I landed a really cool summer gig at Dorney Park in PA, and that has been going great. You just can’t beat working in an amusement/water park for the summer! If all goes well, I’ll be doing some traveling this fall to Europe. I guess I have to get a visa with one of those cheesy passport photos!

After seeing me perform at Ultrasound Expo in Vegas, A2 Records has decided to sign a full deal with me! Leap releases on 7/17 in the UK and sometime in August here in the good old USA!!! We’ve already received advance orders from Tower and Virgin Mega stores in the UK and from the European Distributors, so that’s a very good sign that they feel the CD is going to sell over there! There have been a few minor changes to the artwork, adding the A2 Logos and some credit changes, but, overall the CD will still look the same as the current version that we have.

After much begging and pleading, and after a long interview, Ovation Guitars has decided to accept me into the Ovation Artist Program and has come on board as a sponsor! Anyone who came to a live show knows that I only use Ovation Acoustic guitars and they’ve actually been the only acoustics I’ve ever owned! So, it was a thrill to be accepted into the program and have them sponsor me! They have a lot of big names in the program, so I’m in good company!

A2 Records, and their promotions firm, Assassination Music, have been working very hard on getting radio airplay and press for the CD in Europe to promote the upcoming release. So far this month, they have secured airplay on the following radio stations:

Moray Firth (Scotland)
Downtown Radio (Northern Ireland)
Music Choice (UK)
Maldwyn Radio Show (UK)
BFBS (The Netherlands)
Total Rock (Belgium)
Radio Pioneer (Germany) I also did a radio promo spot for Radio Pioneer that will play throughout their broadcasts!!

There have been new reviews of the CD in the following places:

AOR Gatekeeper Review (
Channels Website Review (
Striktly For Konnissuers Review (newsletter)
Rock & A Hard place Review (
Museum Of Rock Website (
Classic Rock Society Magazine (UK)

Reviews are set to come out in several major European rock magazines in the next few weeks.

There were also a few full feature interviews that came out this month! You can check them out at the following locations

Channels Website (
Catchy Hooks Magazine (
Majestic Magazine (

I was chosen as Digital Cuts Artist of the month for July ( Digital Cuts is an online retailer and indie music site. It caters to indie artists and artists on smaller indie record labels. They have a nice feature up on their home page.

I have to say thanks to the guys at A2 Records, Rupert and Richard. They have been fantastic in every aspect of the relationship so far. Everyone on this list knows how personal “Leap Of Faith” is to me. You guys see every month all I put into it. One reason I went with A2 over a the other labels that I spoke with was the fact that they made me feel like my album is as important to them as it is to me…and not just another release. They’ve been busting their asses so far to get the promotion things happening to support the release and are really making quite a buzz over in Europe. I honestly feel good things are going to come from this. We are looking to get back into the studio for September and start on the next album, so that’s something to look forward to also.

Anyone who is interested in bookings can contact:
Rising Star Promotions
Woodstock, GA
ATTNbig grin :David Neilon
Toll Free (877) 704-STAR
Fax #678-445-1751

There’s an 800 number so it won’t cost you anything, except the millions of dollars you’ll have to pay me to perform! Seriously, if you want to have a little private show at your house with a bunch of friends, if you want to rent a venue and have a full performance, or if you have a club that want to book a show, please contact David and he’ll set the whole thing up and handle all the details with you to make sure it runs smoothly! I’ll travel just about anywhere, so Let’s go!!

Well, that’s about it for hits month. The website is rapidly approaching 10,000 hits, so I want to thank everyone who’s been stopping by. We have some new changes once again coming in the near future…gotta keep you from getting bored! Make sure you stop by and see them! And make sure you email Brian and tell him what you like about the site…he’s the one who makes all the magic there…all I do is bust his chops about it!!! Thanks to everyone on this list for all of your support. I get a lot of email every month from you guys and it’s what keeps me going and makes it all worth it! Keep sending me all the jokes and goofy stuff, I love it! Have a great month…talk to you soon!

Keep The Faith!
Leap Dog Music
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With the release of his first solo CD entitled "Leap Of Faith" in early 1999, things have been on a definite upward spin for John Taglieri. The year was filled with many positive articles about John and the CD, both in print and on the internet, radio was very friendly to him also, and the year culminatedwith John being voted in the Top 5 on Rock Tracks website and also being voted "1999 Male Pop Cd Of The Year" on Kweevak Tracks website, both large independent music sites. 2000 continued to stay positive with John being signed to A2 Records, becoming an Ovation Guitars Sponsored Artist, and embarking on 2 tours so far, with another set for fall!! Make sure you check back often and come along for the ride!
Why this name?
Well, it was pretty's my name!! I've had management that wanted me to change my name to something more "hip and sellable", but it didn't feel right and because it didn't feel right, things weren't working. I no longer have that management and I went back to my name and who I am and things have been great ever since! From now on, it's my it or not!!
Do you play live?
I've been playing live for over 17 years! I've been lucky enough to play all around the country and with some very famous people.

I love being on stage almost more than anything in life. I can't stay away from it too long. The energy and the feeling that you get from your fans when you're up there is the whole reason I do it...there's nothing like it in the world.

I've had lots of special moments, like being on stage with Survivor, and Little Richard, and many others either jamming with or opening shows for them. I've also had some wierd moments that bring you back down to earth, like falling off stage in the middle of a guitar solo or big vocal note, or having someone in the audience do something wierd or funny that really catches you to the point where you forget what you're doing on stage! Those are the best because you can laugh them off with the audience!!
If you make it big..?
If I make it big I'll just keep doing what I'm doing...trying to write the best music I can and perform to my best abilities and never take it for granted. I'm lucky enough to be able to do something that truly makes me happy, something that I truly love to do, and no matter what happens, the reasons I do this will never change.
Band History:
Picking up a guitar at age five was the first stop for John Taglieri, and he hasn't looked back since. This thirty-two year old, multi-instrumental, singer, songwriter has been playing and recording music professionally since the age of 15. He has released independant albums with past groups, toured on local, regional and national levels, and received airplay from many local radio stations. He has had numerous articles, and interviews both in print and on radio.

Music is a way of life to him. With a degree in Audio Engineering from The Center for the Media Arts in New York City, and many recordings under his belt, he is well aware and very capable of what it takes to perform in the studio. With well over 1000 performing dates, he knows what it takes to put on a show. He has shared bills with some of the most famous players out there and has played some of the best venues in his home area. He has been a lead guitar player, lead vocalist/frontman, drummer, percussionist, bassist and keyboard player. His vocal talent has been used in every project he has ever been involved in, be it as a lead, or background vocalist. His ability to play many instruments has insured that he has kept busy at all times. He has also been involved in many recordings in his home area, working occasionally as a studio musician.

John has been in several notable local bands including "American Heartbeat", "Sneaks Noise", "Big Trouble", "Dayzanu", "King Tod", & "Bachelor Party".

As a lead guitarist with American Heartbeat, John tasted his first real stage performances in front of large crowds, playing at numerous summer fairs and festivals.

As a lead guitarist/vocalist for "Sneaks Noise", John enjoyed much local success, releasing an independent album entitled A Surge of Existence, which received favorable reviews by local papers and airplay from local colleges. This prompted a very busy live schedule to support the release at many of the colleges as well as surrounding area clubs. The record sold roughly 16,000 units.

With "Big Trouble", John again enjoyed radio airplay and a very busy touring schedule in the NY-NJ-PA-CT area, doing a regional tour to support yet another independent release. With John as their dynamic lead singer/frontman, the band headlined many shows and also opened for and played on bills with some of the biggest name bands on the local circuits. The band even played with Rick Derringer on the Reebok River Stage in New York City.

As a percussionist and vocalist for "Dayzanu", John played many venues, the most notable being the Beacon Theater in New York City and the now defunct Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ.

In "King Tod" and "Bachelor Party", John has made a name for himself on the local cover club scene. He has played guitar, bass, keyboards, occasionally drums, and has always sang. Both bands enjoyed success and were both very busy doing extensive local tours in the NY-NJ-PA area.

John also plays many solo acoustic shows in various places in his local area.

National History

With the original/cover show band "Dr. Max", John spent a solid year on a national tour, playing drums and singing lead and background vocals. The band played every type of venue from small clubs to state fairs and festivals in front of thousands of people. They played on bills with and opened for such notable acts as Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheel, Chuck Berry, The Four Tops, and The Temptations, as well as headlining many bills. When the tour was over, John had played over 260 dates in 35 states and learned much about the touring end of the music business.

1999 was a fantastic year for John. Beginning with the release his first solo CD entitled "Leap Of Faith" early this year, things have not slowed down. He has recieved many very favorable reviews and feature articles both in print and on the internet, with several of his songs charting on MP3 websites, one staying in the Top 10 for 6 weeks. He has gotten radio airplay on local, college and major market stations. He has made several radio appearances, including a one hour performance and interview on WTSR, and a 25 minute interview and performance on WPLJ's Scott and Todd Morning Show in NY. He has gotten solid airplay throughout the midwest region, winning many "pick hit" segments and doing on air promo spots. Europe has been a great proving ground for John and the CD, where he has received very favorable press from many magazines and web sites, including several feature interviews. And the year has culminated with the announcement that "Leap Of Faith" was chosen "Pop Male CD of the Year" by Kweevaks Tracks, a major indie music website. He has been elected a member of A.S.C.A.P. , and started his own company, Leap Dog Music.

Recently in Chicago, John wound up on stage jamming with Little Richard. He sang with the band Survivor when they were in a local venue recently. He was on stage with Shane Minor at a recent show. He has spent time with Colin Raye and his band at a show at the State Theater in Easton, PA, and at the Westbury Music Fair, and was backstage at the Alan Jackson/Andy Griggs concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center. While in the Caribbean, John wound up on stage with some of the big island names that were performing at the resort where he was staying. He recently co-wrote a jingle for the Lever Brothers company, and has done voice-over work for Sassaby Cosmetics and Trans World Marketing. His music was also featured in a short film released this year. He is always writing and recording and has an extensive catalog of original songs. His varied experiences give him a deep well of inspiration from which to draw on when he writes and it shows in the songs he produces.

Your influences?
My influences are so varied! My CD collection is huge and has everyone in it. But if i had to pin it down to a few, Rik Emmett is my biggest influence both on guitar and for vocals. Steve Perry and Journey are also big influences. And vocally Collin Raye is one of my biggest influences also.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere my wife is!
Equipment used:
For vocals I have a Shure wireless headset, a Samson Handheld wireless unit, and an EV757 for corded gigs. For guitar, I use an '81 Fender Strat Elite, a Samick Valley Arts Pro model, and Ovation 6 & 12 string acoustics, and I have a whole rack full of fun gear for amplification
Anything else...?
I want to thank everyone who has supported me since my CD came out this past year, all who have stopped by the web site, and all the wonderful people in the press and on radio who have had so many awesome things to say about me and my music. I know things will continue to get better and 2000 is going to be a great year for me!
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