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nicky vs oxhid3
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Hy there,
my name is Nicky (baiculescu ovidiu) I know it's to big...but names and parents you never choose, you just pick.

I was born in Romania (nehoiu) somewhere on the east Europe,and If I used to believe that this is not an important fact, well I sure do now..beacuse the places you used to see and live, the people and friends you had, that in influences you a lot, even though you don't see and know it...

I started to breakdance since I was little, with my "master" Rudy, who took me and my Friend Alin (we were just kids back then), we started to dance for us, being athletic was something cool and still is now, but we never thought we could've be on TV someday...and iT happened..we were 4 guys..young guys..that believed in one unique dream..UNISON - yeah...that was the name of our crew...we danced a lot...first locally (shows and discos) but after a while even in TV as I just said...we were HOT and Cool for that times...and a dream came true...but as beautiful dreams end fast...so did ours....
Alex( rudy's brother) the 4th member got ill...and soon he went away, and that ruined our entire hope and beliefs.....no need to say anything else..except I miss him, we all are

things changed for me too, I had to leave Romania and I got here in Italy, first for work...my only hope was to make money and do something different with my life...I was upset, pissed off and my fate faded away...day by day..
times were harder because I was young and money for a young guy isn't everything..so I got to school...

soon I graduated and I also finished the Accademy...and now...at 25 years old I still study...
isn't that a SHAME...???

I don't know what would've been right to do, or If I could do anything, in the first place...but I know life is UNFARE...
so I live it like most of you do, trying to do something with it...

don't be like me...
...be smart
do what you want most in life...

Why this name?
nicky is my name - oxhid3 my 3d nick name (my 1st hoppy is 3d animation and modelling)..so
since I am twins I think I have two personalities..one "bad" and one good...one that stays quiet when it should talk and one...that doesn't..
pretty much like "You me and IRENE" (jim carrey) ...
I don'know which and when I will "explode" into a mad person! ;)
Do you play live?
not yet..I'd love to...just to see what it feels like!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
a lot...
but we all accept it as it is, and we("artist") all pay a little price for something..eventually
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
sure yes.
Band History:
said before...
did I?
Your influences?
dj nas'd, music instructor, flying steps,underdog project, and a lot more of them..
Favorite spot?
well...I've seen a lot...they all have "bad" parts..so none
Equipment used:
"cheap" stuff..softwares Fl studio, Audition
Anything else...?
only god can judge me!

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