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Michael Peace
The Night (Album) - Michael Peace
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This is just a small sample of what is available on 'The Night' Album
'The NIGHT (CD Album)
Michael's song -
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play hi-fi  ALL I COULD SAY Happy Valentines Day (Original)
play hi-fi  Code Of Arms - by Michael Peace
play hi-fi  She Dances In The Dark
play hi-fi  Tape Song by Mike Peace
play hi-fi  Lakota Lady
play hi-fi  Wind Feather
play hi-fi  Truth
play hi-fi  I Wanna Tell You
play hi-fi  Tenacity (You Know Why)

Peace of Christmas
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Have you heard Michael's music yet?

If you like screaming guitars and Pro Wrestler vocals DON'T bother listening to Michael Peace.

Michael writes his own lyrics and music and performs them with class and style. If you like Clay Aiken and Josh Groban then you'll be glad you found Michael Peace.

Michael has been making music for over 3 decades and his songs and eclectic style has brought great pleasure to his many followers. His musical style is melodic, smooth and warm feel good kind of music that seems to bring his listeners a smile. However, Michael can turn the tables and bring a tear to your eyes just as easily.

What about that voice?

His vocal style features a broad range of baritone to soprano, soft and subtle to strong and operatic that always keeps the listener interested in "what comes next". He has been compared to Roy Orbison, BJ Thomas, Michael Crawford, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Josh Groban and even American Idol's Clay Aiken.

Michael displays this vocal range especially well in live performances and has people wondering if he is lip-sinking to other artist's recordings or is actually performing live. He dispels the skepticism by changing the words and using audience member's names in various songs.

Within the last few years Michael has stepped out of the spotlight a bit to work on building an original music catalog. Today his CD album count has grown to 27 and his prolific music production keeps this figure growing at an amazing rate.

CD Lilsting
1. Peace And Tranquillity Rocks 1998
2. Tranquil Eyes 1998
3. Another Time And Place 1998
4. Dance Of The Winds 1998
5. Sea Of Tranquillity 1999
6. Blanket 1999
7. Speed Of Flight1999
8. Mars Project 1999
9. Are You Serious 1998
10. Dead Serious 1999
11. Looking Through My Eyes 1999
12. Keeper Of Dreams 1999
13. My Lonely Guitar 1999
14. Peace Of Paradise 2000
15. Like Being There 2000
16. Angels Too Soon 2001
17. Above The Clouds 2001
18. All Of The Angels 2001
19. Fire Mountain 2001
20. Luck Or Fate 2002
21. Here With My Friends 2002
22. Flowers From Heaven 2002
23. The Night 2003
24. Peace Of Christmas 1989-2005
25. Tenacity 2005
26. Whisper on the Wind 2006
27. I Remember Martin and Coretta 2006

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Anything else...?

Michael Peace/Sharon Marks Colaboration
A Thousand Times
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