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I don't support this unfair business, I mean this business has been unfair since always, even more at SoundClick. But we all know that now SoundClick is literally losing all his targetted traffic, and with that loss you all are getting mad and like crazy because you don't know why you're not making all your usual sales like always. This is a business, and business are constantly changing! You can't set up an unfair and "whole month" promotion because your sales got stucked. This is not a SoundClick problem, nor yours, this is because we all gotten used to just stay at SoundClick and make money, and a business can't depends only off a website. Your name, your image, your music can't depends just off a website, and it's even worst if depends just from a profile of a website that isn't yours. I don't respect that kind of dumb-business dudes and whole-month strategies like BUY1GET200FREE / 50%OFF and I refuse to share even only a charts position with them. Beats are like iPhones, if someone like a beat he will purchase it, not matter if you offer 3, 4, 5 or EVEN MORE for the same price, if someone wants an iPhone he will save money for it and never will miss it because a Samsung it's $50 cheaper. Good luck to everyone but you all have a lot to understand about how this business works, sorry for any misspelling or weird phrase and think about it BRUH.