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play hi-fi  Quicker Noodle.mp3
play hi-fi  2012
play hi-fi  Mutianyu
play hi-fi  anne 184 (2)
play hi-fi  quick noodle
play hi-fi  Sitka
play hi-fi  Anne 174
play hi-fi  Anne 184
play hi-fi  Phoenix
play hi-fi  Trio
Currently a 40 something bass hobbyist finding my voice in a sea of talented musicians. Hoping to do this full time once I retire or when I get my skills polished whichever comes first.
Why this name?
It has been a login name for a while on many music and bass forums.
Do you play live?
Haven't done that for many, many years.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
More exposure. There are many underground bands and artists that people would never have heard of. Some of my recent favorites can only be found on music sites.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe an independent label or something along the lines of Windham Hill.
Band History:
Started playing bass in my mid teens. Went through the usual process of garage bands and playing gigs at parties and events before going back to college for an Architectural degree. Continued to play off and on for 30 some odd years until recently getting serious about relearning theory and expanding my knowledge musically.
Your influences?
All the usual (and unusual) masters from the well known to internet artists.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere my travels take me.
Equipment used:
All basses are Tom Clement Custom builds. Arbor hollow body jazz guitar. Eden Nemesis and Paul Jones Flight Case amps. Boss GT-6B (on occasions). Studio One software for recording.
Anything else...?
All tracks are very early attempts at composing and recording. It can only get better from here.
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