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Laurel Moore OneLadyJazz
Check out my new look website at Ahhhh that sea..........
OneLadyJazz Performs Jazz Vocals and Tenor Saxopho
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Multi-talented British artist/painter Laurel Moore performs LIVE at TEDX Abu Dhabi.
Winner 'Best Jazz Album' Awarded by Akademia USA in 2014 for 'Shadows Of Light' by Parisien and Moore.
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Creating Art and Music for me is a need rather than a choice. It is a craving, or an obsession for colour, light and sound to manipulate these from my own imagination. Not creating, gives me more of a problem and as the years have gone by, the less art I do the more imbalanced and disturbed I feel.

I am inspired by natural beauty. By the natural sound and rhythms of life and people. By the spirit and the soul and the journey we all take in life. We are all given sunlight to grow. The sun is part of all of us and the way it lights the world from both inside and outside to me is mesmerizing.

I am in awe of the great Baroque artists like Willem Caeszoon Heda for their superlative use of luminous colour. For the richness of life they bring to the canvas, so that it shines from inside seems to me to be something magical. To have almost created a new life form with brushes and oil paints of and in itself, is what drives me to dedicate myself to Art. And I am enchanted by artists like Billie Holiday and Doris Day as well as Corinne Bailey Rae for the tone and quality of their work, plus their unique contribution to Jazz.
I began my journey in both Art and Music from a very early age. As far back as I can remember I was drawing or painting, or indeed singing or playing the piano. From the piano I progressed to the piano accordion, which I played every week in church and sang in the church choir. It was as normal to me as breathing. In fact, everything else in the world seemed to jar, to not fit. When I was young, with my autistic tendencies, I lived for the most part in my own world, believing I as the misfit. But my own world was the place I felt happiest and safe in an unsafe world. The outside world to me was overwhelming, sometimes in its horror and brutality and in its cacophony of noise and emotional chaos. I had and still have an enduring love of animals and often found myself rescuing and caring for injured animals and found a natural empathy here, where I could somehow redress the balance of the often cruel world I saw around me.

As an adult I obtained my B.Ed Hons with a specialism in The Arts and pursued teaching until I had my own family. Having my own family began to give me a sense of my own identity which I hadn’t felt before.

Work opportunities took my family to Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, then Qatar over a period of 15
years. It was during this time that the sheer beauty of the landscape forced me to return to my
painting. I began to study everything, to paint the virgin woods in Switzerland, to collect the
woodland wildflowers, study the snow and ice, to experiment in watercolor and oil paints.
It was really in oil paints that I seemed to come alive.

Moving to the desert city of Abu Dhabi brought fresh challenges, each of which fed my growing
thirst to learn more and study harder at both art, singing and the Tenor Saxophone, an instrument which I had truly connected with whilst studying at Portsmouth University and where I had gigged and sung at local hotels with my Jazz Band.

I think if you are an empathic person, who experiences everything they see and hear so deeply,
you are often so in tune and aware of others feelings that you don’t yet exist in your own right.
At some point your own self speaks louder than those others around you and it is at this point that you find your own identity. Like a beautiful surprise bud that opens into a flower. My identity began taking me through its own twists and surprising turns of my art and music. Finding its own way, its own strange yet powerful path.

So finding my own painting and music style style, irrespective of traditional ‘ways of doing things’ was an obsession for me. I had my own journey which I didn’t want to be coloured by ‘should’ or ‘must’, but more what felt right and natural to my hand. In this way, with great stubbornness I found my painting rhythm, which I believe is unique to each artist. Although I do appear to paint as a Fine Artist, my technique is very much aligned to the feelings of the subject I am painting. The feeling, or mood is what I am focusing on. So I feel like I am an Impressionist Fine Artist, if there is such a combination? As a musician I am most drawn to Smooth Jazz and the superlative artists like Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. I love to bring jazz into my song-writing. And it was a proud moment for me to be the Resident Jazz Singer of the 5* Intercontinental Hotel for over a year in the Middle East. Although shy, I loved performing live to 300+ weekly audiences.

So, in music and art I am always experimenting with new techniques. Much like Leonardo Di Vinci’s code: I rely on empiricism rather than dogma, on systematic study rather than tradition to further my abilities. Furthering my knowledge and skill is everything to me and I will follow wherever that journey takes me to achieve this goal.

?My recent return to Oxfordshire, UK with my family and numerous rescue animals in 2017 has allowed me to focus on my business Moorethanart Ltd. My Fine Art Prints now sell worldwide at and I have many upcoming Art Exhibitions throughout the year. I plan to start recording my new songs very soon. And it feels like an exciting place to be right now with a world of possibilities on my doorstep........


Equipment used:
Voice, (Buescher Aristocrat) Tenor Saxophone with Otto link, Roland stage piano, violin, tinwhistle.

As a sax player I choose to improvise by ear only, with no charts etc, using it much as you would a voice. Hence my playing leans towards the melody and lyrical. Inside my head, I am singing........

I am passionate about Torchlight Jazz. The melodies and lyrics are so timeless that in my work I aim to remain true to the essence of the original emotion in the songs, preferring to stick to a very naturally achieved sounds using only real instruments.
I also like to remain true to the original dynamic range of jazz songs in the hope to bring a richness of colour and flavour to all my songs. You will notice that my songs are a little longer - I believe this gives space for the song to breathe and allows the beauty of the original chord progressions to be enjoyed. It also gives space to transport the imagination.......

Since I am also a painter, I like to approach my work in the same manner, by creating many layers - I hope that the listener continues to find hidden depths and immerse themselves in the moment. Most of all, I hope my songs bring pleasure to the listener.
Anything else...?

Notable New Jazz Artist, New Jersey Jazz Society
Featured Artist Upper Michigan Radio
Laurel Moore gains worldwide acclaim as OneLadyJaz
Laurel Moore Featured Artist JammChicago Radio
OneLadyJazz photoshoot
Upcoming album cover 'Lullaby'
Violin: 'Cannone' bench copy.
Laurel with Tenor Saxophone
Laurel with instruments and art
Laurel Moore with Tenor Saxophone
My Roland stage piano
Photo Art for cover song
My Buescher Aristocrat sax (1965)
My master link otto link (1930's)
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