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Spiff used to be a twelve-year old boy when Krisis was a 12 year-old boy. They were unaware of each other’s existence. Spiff made raps after a rowdy middle school party in which Busta Rhymes was played (some people even swore!). After which, he knew what he wanted to do: be a gangster. Four days later he decided to write about society. 2 years later, Krisis was busy spelling words with unneeded k's when he met Spiff after showing Spiff his neat-o book of poetry. Spiff found it quite rad and decided they better join up to fight crime, terrorism, and reality TV shows. 5 years later some more again, they had made a bunch of records and played a bunch of shows and jumped around while making fun of their dead serious music. To this day they dream of touring for long periods of time because that would be rad like 80's terms for "cool." Currently, Spiff and Krisis are recording new music that should be available in late April. In a little over a year, SPiff and Krisis have played with larger acts such as Afroman, Wolfpac (ex- Bloodhound Gang), Karmella's Game, and I Voted 4 Kodos and have played over twenty concerts up and down the east coast.

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Why this name?
Spiff: Spiffy is pretty much the oxymoron for my entire social life. It means "properly dressed for an occation" and neither literally or symbolically I have never filled this role.

Krisis: I was looking through the dictionary on the day I met Spiff. I liked the word and it looked better with a K. Today it resembles my life and the world around me.
Do you play live?
We will play anywhere, any time. Our love is the stage. The best moments are either when a song falls apart and Brad starts breakdancing and I battle a random kid in the crowd, of when we play Leaf it Behind and get four crowd members up on stage to create an air instrument band to finish the song.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changed everything. This is affordable freedom.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only a major distribution company. Userp the record labels and go straight to distribution.
Band History:
2000: Spiff and Krisis meet and write songs
2001: Spiff and Krisis record onto a crappy cassette player
2002: Spiff and Krisis have cd recording capabilities. Four CDs are recorded and mixed that year.
2003: Spiff and Krisis record their first official CD and play three successful shows. They begin putting music on soundclick and get into the top 50 of the alternative hip hop charts.
2004: Spiff and Krisis play large venues like Recher and Thunderdome. They are invited to open for Wolfpac. Krisis writes and perfects his second CD while Spiff releases two CDs.
2005: Spiff releases two CDs and begins selling them online. They play a whole bunch of shows and perfect their live act. Krisis records his second cd... a few times. Soon it will be done. We promise.
2006: Spiff has played a few shows and won some contests. He has opened up for Afroman. Spiff and Krisis each plan to finally release their best, by far, material. Thay have a lot of shows coming up and are putting together an East Coast summer tour.
Your influences?
Rap, Rock, Punk, Jazz, Blues, 80's pop, Alternative, Folk, Hip hop, Progressive
Favorite spot?
The stage.
Anything else...?
Email me at if you wanna book us/do a song/ wanna cd/ anthing else. (it doesnt matter where you live we are mobile)
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