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A River of Freedom - (Vocal Version)
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SP4 Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. - my cousin, KIA - Vietnam, Oct. 17, 1970. Distinguished Service Cross, his loving memory inspired this flowing melody with 'Taps'... for ALL who gave their blood & laid their lives on the line.
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Susan D. Wiseman - " The Tribute Lady "
Jan. 16, 2008
" Her Hometown Heroes " - NEVER FORGET
Mon Mar 03, 2008
Pop : Contemporary Christian
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About the song
" A River of Freedom " (Taps) ... Tribute in song, written on what would have been my cousin SP4 Guy Lamar Mears, Jr.'s - "58th" birthday. ( Free to stream/Download )

As many of you know, I lost my cousin SP4 Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. on Oct. 17, 1970 - KIA - Vietnam...needless to say, the loss of Guy had such a profound influence on my life, no doubt that's when my deep Patriotism began, I was only 16 years old at the time.

Although it's been over 37 years since the loss of Guy, that loss & heartache has never gone away, nor, did I ever realize the suppressed feelings I had held inside, until a few years ago, when it all came rushing over me, again.

By 2004, I had developed an online music ministry, all FREE to anyone, sharing my simple songs from my heart & soul .. with anyone desiring to listen.

My youngest son had joined the Army, so, I decided to set up a page to honor his service after writing the song, " It Is The Soldier".

I also wanted to set up a page on my website, to honor my cousin Guy's life, service & sacrifice...but, I could only find one paragraph of info about Guy, online.

It felt as if he had never lived or died, like no one even knew of heart was so broken.

In that process of seeking info online, I learned more details about The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

Then, one evening as I sat at my piano...all those facts all came together in song, as my heart broke again, through my tears... giving birth to a new song ... I titled it after Guy's name's position on The's titled,

" 6 West-Line 5 " - ( Go There For Me )

And, as the song suggests, it was asking folks to "go there for me" ... "touch one for me", I never expected I would ever make it to The Wall, myself.

Within days of putting the Tribute page up & adding Guy's song, we were asked to perform for The Traveling Vietnam Wall & did so in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

That would be the beginning of performances for thousands of vets & soldiers, and, now... years later, Larry & I continue to do so & have dedicated ourselves to volunteering all across America, performing whenever asked, to honor our son, Guy, our troops, vets & ALL those who step forward to protect our freedoms & serve this GREAT NATION!

Recently, in Oct. 2007 ... I was finally able to visit The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall for the first time, and, was SO overwhelmed & heartbroken, and, the tears were uncontrollable, yet, are such a huge part of the healing process.

Just a few weeks later, I was invited to actually perform Guy's song LIVE at The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall for the opening Event of the 25th Anniversary of the wall during Veteran's Day week.

I also participated in the " Reading of the Names " ... reading my cousin Guy's name, which was the hardest thing I've ever done.

That evening was extremely cold, damp, adding an even more intense sadness to the whole experience ... along with the emotions already running rampant.

I remember thinking, "My God, all those names...each one...a life" and seeing all the tears everyone was was if, seemed like " A River of Tears" ... over so many young lives lost, again reminding me of the cost of freedom.

Then, on Jan. 16, 2008, I was remembering my cousin Guy, it would have been his "58th" I sat at my piano, I found myself seeking out the simple 24 notes of "Taps", something I had never done, and, within moments...there was a flowing melody of new notes being created, intertwined with the 24 notes of " Taps" birth to a new song, yet again inspired by loving memory of my cousin, SP4 Guy Lamar Mears, Jr.

As I poured my heart out, once again realizing the "cost" of freedom, and, how deeply I appreciate not only my cousin's service & sacrifice, but, ALL those throughout all time ... who, for freedom, gave their blood & laid their lives on the line, all this gave birth to ... " A River Of Freedom ".

" This one's for you, Guy ! " All my love, "Susie"
" A River of Freedom " - ( Taps )

There's a river ... that floods ... my soul.
And, that ... " River of Freedom "
Carries ... my blood,
And, of those ... throughout all time
Who, for Freedom
Gave their blood ... Laid their lives ... on the line.

( All Downloads are Free )

Copyright - Jan. 16, 2008
( Written on what would have been my cousin, Guy Lamar Mears, Jr.'s "58" Birthday )
( KIA - Vietnam - Oct. 17, 1970 )

Susan D. Wiseman - " The Tribute Lady "

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