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the world is changing. I am changing too.
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play hi-fi  Must Be Love!
play hi-fi  He Don't Do Me No Wrong
play hi-fi  Talkin' on the Telephone
play hi-fi  Give Your Love to Me
play hi-fi  You Never Listen to Me (Recorded Version)
play hi-fi  Awesome
play hi-fi  My Turn To Win (scratch version)
play hi-fi  The AH Song
play hi-fi  You Never Listen To Me (Demo Version)
play hi-fi  A Silent Poet
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Why this name?
It has a certain ring to it. Don't you think? :)
Band History:
I will be working on a new CD during the winter so watch for new things coming and it's release in March!
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
I have a Korg X3 for my electronica. For piano stuff I use a Yamaha Digital. My bass is a Fender Precision and my fiddle is a Scherl & Roth.