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I Gusti Sudarsana
I Gusti Sudarsana
Nyanyian Alam (Music of Nature)
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11/26/10 @ 06:59 AM     2 comments
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Music of nature is the part of album 'menyama braya'
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I Gusti Sudarsana was born in Sedang on January 8, 1969. I am a son of pair between Gusti Ngurah Meriam and Ni Gusti ayu Rai Leked. I started to learn for playing musical instruments since I was five years old, those instruments were Tingklik (traditional music instrument) and flute which taught by my uncle namely I Gusti Ketut Tantra and learned by myself through listening music. Sometimes, I got chance to play traditional music (gamelan) to complete the ritual ceremony. By eight years old, I entered state of SLB (extraordinary school for person with visual impairments) Driaraba in Serma Gede street No. 11 Sanglah, Denpasar. At that time, I learned music in whole theoretically at school but most of the practices was done in my hostel with some kinds of instruments provided, for example; gamelan (traditional orchestra), Kulintang, Bamboo Angklung and acoustic guitar. The blind lines to be a great problem for me in playing music, I just learn music autodidact while by listening and that why I hold the guitar from the top. It happened in 1979, when I was in the first grade. Three months later, I could play 5 keys which were taught by my friend. He had better vision than me, his name is Merta. He also taught me to hold guitar correctly. I faced another problem while I played Gangsa and Gamelan (traditional music instruments) because the instruments should be closed from below but I closed it from above. Then, I got better understanding to play those instruments when I was already in third grade and it helped by Mr. Pande Trika. In addition, I started to learn for playing gamelan since I was in kinder garden and I already had music group since I was in the third grade for playing melody. In the ninth grade, I played organ instrument to substitute one of the player which had graduated. On the sixth until eighth grade, I joined to play kulintang in Sanur Village Hotel. On June, 11, 1988, I graduated from Junior High school and few days later on June, 16, 1988, I started to work in Legian Beach Hotel with Made Kandra as rindik and pertuni player until 1992.

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yes of course
Your influences?
Balinese traditional
Equipment used:
Keyboard : korg pa50, Fostex: vf160, Mixer: behringer eurorack ub1204fx-pro, mic: venite vrt-853, Guitar: palmer
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I Gusti Sudarsana with Guitar
I Gusti Sudarsana with Guitar