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play hi-fi  VY Canis Majoris (Demo)
play hi-fi  It's Your Turn (Demo)
play hi-fi  Horrific Bunny Rabbit (Demo)
play hi-fi  Nine Lives (Early Version)
play hi-fi  I DELETED THIS, by Dave L. and John D.
play hi-fi  Eye Of The Tiger
play hi-fi  Ghosts Of Shadow Moses - Fission Mailed
play hi-fi  Ghosts Of Shadow Moses - Psycho Mantis
play hi-fi  Come Together (Sampler)
play hi-fi  Sawed Off Shogun - 3 Stooges
I bought a guitar, and i learned a few things about it, began writing music before i finished learning.. i still am..
I try to be as involved as i can be with music.
I am involved with a few bands right now nothing Full Time... I Want to be in a full time band.
Why this name?
Old gamertag, and I've always liked it (Based on Internal Primates Forever by Mudvayne)
Do you play live?
Never have, badly want to
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It definitely spreads music to the world, so the bad end of it shouldn't be a problem (bare in mind i don't get paid to do what i do)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Gladly, supposing they let me be myself
Band History:
Ive created MANY bands with similar people under about 50 names... one of which was Evanescence, not to be confused with the platinum selling band... I actually thought the name would be too hard for anyone to pronounce to get anywhere with it... i guess i was wrong :P.
But after all those failed attempts i began working on my own, and slowly but surely gaining interest from old and new people with new mindsets.. its been great :D
Your influences?
Meshuggah, Korn, Tool, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, System Of A Day, Static-X, Primus, Megadeth, Tosin Abasi, Misha Mansoor, Jeff Loomis... anyone open minded and creative
Favorite spot?
Home is Ottawa, Best city is Montreal
Equipment used:
Ibanez guitars preferably, recording on what i can at the moment. Im in the market for an Engl Invader 100, an AxeFX preamp, and eventually Barenuckle Cold Sweat pickups for my epiphone Explorer (first guitar i wrote music on)
Anything else...?
Check my other sites for randomness
or by searching Primatus on Facebook
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