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SWAG4 SALE willie hustle feat. dip Official Music
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play hi-fi  Spend A Night
play hi-fi  Pussy Keep Calling Me
play hi-fi  When I roll Up
play hi-fi  Camel Toe
play hi-fi  For You
play hi-fi  I any Go Any Where
play hi-fi  Act A fool
play hi-fi  We On Dat
play hi-fi  Way Too Long
play hi-fi  Back Too The 80s
What is more important to an artist then Royalties? Show me an artist that is not concerned about them, and I will show how broke they are.

Money is a major issue for Diplomat and Da Gift who fused the production duo so fittingly called Royalty Music. These proclaimed producers of the future are very concerned about their royalties and the artist they work with. Diplomat and Da Gift are producers who have been producing for over 6 years in the South Florida area. Who started Making Tracks for local artist who couldnt afford to pay high priced producers but who could always go to Royalty Music for those quality tracks that was affordable to them and allowed artist to get better and harness their craft.

Diplomat states I was Born to love music although he is a hip hop producer he will quickly tell you I make music first, hip hop is a marketing term used to create stats and classify our music but music is what I make.

Da Gift is a pianist and a soul singer who learned how to produce tracks strictly off of passion for his music Where I came from all we had was football and music and I chose music Da Gift states. The main goal for Royalty Music with the assistance of there supporters is to let the rest of the world tap in to what they have already been doing on a local level, and broadcast it on an international level.

The Royalty Music brand is going to be known for helping to establish artist, guiding them by direction, and bringing concepts to the table to assist artist in painting pictures without sacrificing the royalties and the big picture which is sales. So get familiar with the sound of Royalty Music because its here to stay.
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