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Cadillac Ranch Line Dancers visit 'The Barn' by Li
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About twice a month, cars crowd a West Simsbury, Connecticut street for a unique music event. They are not headed to a concert hall or theater; they’re headed for a barn…a converted barn, with a sophisticated sound stage replete with sofa seating, high-tech mult-media projectors and a climate-controlled environment.

“A night out listening to the original music of LittleHouse is an intimate experience,” says singer/songwriter Joe Patrina. “Our ‘Welcome to the Barn’ atmosphere draws the audience to the inner circle.”

Joe formed LittleHouse in 2008. Since then, the group has amassed a loyal following. The music draws from various original American styles: country, rockabilly, rock, spiritual, folk and blues. It’s the music we have all listened to over a lifetime. As Joe describes it, “LittleHouse is a song-lovers band, with strong vocals and clear lyrics that are meaningful to adults of all ages. I call the blending of styles ‘Heartland Music.’”

“The idea of the Barn and the name ‘LittleHouse’ come from a trip I took to Virginia in the 1990s, to visit Janette Carter of the Carter family.

“She set me straight for sure about songwriting, and I watched her perform with her brother Joe - both in their 70’s - in their barn, which was next to their little house which so reminded me of our own little house in Connecticut, and I said to myself ‘Good enough for me.’”

The Players

Joe Patrina - lead vocals, guitar, songwriter
Tom MacGregor - Guitar, vocals
Gary Gott – bass, vocals
Doug LaChapelle - drums

LittleHouse, LittleHouse Live! and Welcome to The Barn are the trademarks of LittleHouse Enterprises, Inc 2011 ®. All music, lyrics and arrangments are property of Joe Patrina ©® 2011
LittleHouse - Jessica Jarvis
LittleHouse - Mark Zampino
LittleHouse - Mark Zampino
LittleHouse - Tom MacGregor
LittleHouse - Gary Gott
LittleHouse - Jessica Jarvis
LittleHouse - Joe Patrina
LittleHouse - Eddy Lonardo
LittleHouse - Chris Barry
LittlheHouse - Gary Gott
LittleHouse - Joe Patrina
LittleHouse - Joe Patrina
LittleHouse - Jessica Jarvis
LittleHouse - jessica Jarvis
LittleHouse - Jessica Jarvis and Joe Patrina
LittleHouse - Joe Patrina and Tom MacGregor
LittleHouse - Mark Zampino
LittleHouse - Tom MacGregor
LIttleHouse - Joe Patrina and Jessica Jarvis
Recording "Down In The Delta"
Down In The Delta with Christine Ohlman
Joe Patrina
Joe Patrina and Mark Zampino
Chris Berry
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