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Digital composer from Spain. Started to compose in early 90's with FastTracker2, and earned dozens of music prizes on Internet and spanish music competitions. Recently he wrote a book about composing music with computers, published by Anaya Multimedia.
His styles go from Slow-paced New age ballads, to synth-pop, dancey tunes, Game soundtracks or Curious music experiments. But something is in common in all his music: Making you feel something with the music.
Why this name?
It comes from my initial years as music composer, where I got an Internet nick as 'Awesome'. With the years it's evolved into 'Awezoom', which was an idea from a friend not to sound so childish. :D
Do you play live?
I compose my piano ballads and most instruments directly from a Midi piano, but I'm not a live artist.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It already changed it. How else could I share my music with all the world for free and for 0$ cost?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, That would make my music reach more listeners. that's my only wish.
Band History:
- composer since 1992
- awarded as 2nd. as Best Tracker of the millenium - 1999
- 2nd. place at World Music Contest 6 (news-o-tronik)
- 3 Times 1st. place at Euskal Party Music competitions.
- Winner of 2002 musicos-e.com music compo.
- 2003: published a book about digital music
- 2002: I colaborate in the development of Free music composing software Skale Tracker

- Multimedia Designer from 1998
Your influences?
I grew up while listening to JeanMichel Jarre, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and many other synthesizer artists. later I started to like almost any kind of music as long as it was good music, in my eyes. I love both HansZimmer and Chicane, for example.
Favorite spot?
by the moment, Paris. It captivated me.
Equipment used:
A single PC with SBlive Platinum, and a Midi mute keyboard. And lots of Skale Tracker
Anything else...?
Check all the info about my work/life/music at my website:
aweZOOM webSite
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