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NEWS   nov 22 2003 - allan bought a guitar (Godin) for PhP29,000.00 only in cold, crispy bills...

dec 5, 2003 - roel quits (nasigawan kasi)

dec 19, 2003 - roel makes an attempt to rejoin the band...

dec 20, 2003 - allan buys another guitar (Fender Jaguar) for PhP29,000.00 again in cold, crispy bills...

dec 22, 2003 - first december gig of candyaudioline after a month's worth of drama with roel...

dec 23, 2003 - last candyaudioline gig for the year at eastwood fronting moonstar88...

jan 2004 - "lord of the rings" will be shown in local theatres nationwide...
- candyaudioline might record albums worth of songs which they could hopefully release with crossed-fingers by febuary or march...
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play hi-fi  My Silverchair
play hi-fi  La Pa
play hi-fi  Discarded Toy
play hi-fi  Sad Inside
play hi-fi  Waste My Time
play hi-fi  Better View
play hi-fi  Felt So Fine
play hi-fi  Pretend We're Smart
play hi-fi  An Empty You
play hi-fi  Flaming Walls
Why this name?
why, you don't like it? it just happens to be one of the greatest-- if not THE greatest-- bandnames ever conceived...
Do you play live?
yes! anywhere... yes! all of the time!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
very much and very well indeed! it has definitely improved the lifestyle of the urban poor... probably the rural poor too. praise be!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes! why not?! people deserve to hear us...
Band History:
yes! see
Your influences?
my bloody valentine, all natural lemon and lime flavors, pixies, ride, beatnik filmstars, slowdive, a number of tweepop bands... basically "INDIE"
Favorite spot?
it's a tie between klub102 and partners pares and mami house. not far behind is mr. kebab. and we would also like to thank marlet's! "mura na, madumi pa!"
Equipment used:
yes! we use equipments! vrooom vrooom...
Anything else...?
yes! weeee weeee weeee, dawgie dawgie, nyarawwwww... grrrrr