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play hi-fi  My Paper, Still Ah Hustle
On Ice E 1 part of the
Ballaz, Producers, Rappers, Writers. Performed on Shows with R Kelly, Guce, Eric B and Rakim. Rap/HipHop Commercials Seen BET and MTV.

Featured Promotion for cold filtered CD "We Konnecked by On Ice E feat. Playa Dave, Slim, Clyde L, G Mega and Special guest Pimpin Dre.
Murder Dog Magazine December 2003 street Issue.
Why this name?
On Ice E, on chill like dat! Puttin' foes on ice! Hot ice wil burn 4show! Flamin beatz and flame spittin' on da track and dimes on dey back. We just some Macks, sippin' on da Yack!
Do you play live?
Bay Area Oakland, SF, LA, Sac. Just did live interview and tracks from new CD We Konnecked. Free style on Mr. C's Showcase, 89.5 FM November 2003.

We just keeps it real. We live it!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Independent Label have the opportunity to be heard in the same atmosphere. Real talk. Levels the playin field for the tru Playaz in the game! Not just industry made but mackmade!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. We need to keep some control and the proper paper!
Band History:
Born in Savannah, GA now residing in Oakland, CA On Ice E also interviewed live and receives “props” from Bay area Rap Radio stations like KPOO with Mr. C., DJ X1 and JJ. On Ice E has also been featured on Rap commercials seen on MTV and BET for his Own
Production of the CD “Smooth Playa Shot”
In Stores Now! On Ice E CD “We Konnecked” with 17 Tracks from the Flame! Featured Murder Dog Magazine, Hit Stands week of 12/8/ 2003 Street issue.
Featuring Guest Ballaz and Playaz! Produced by G Mega, On Ice E. On Ice E is the same Playa you saw bendin corners in da Lincoln when you was in pamperz stinkin! Recently Produced CD My Life by Playa Dave with smoking “Ticket 2Da Game”, and “What I Do” Ticket 2Da Game and Smoke Sum em also receives rotation on and DMX Music Digital Cable Rap Channel Nationwide 2003!
Workin on Forthcoming full lenth CD "Double Shot" that will include new material and unheard newly dropped remixes from On Ice E's library of material. On Ice E Label AIP RECORdS/ON ICE E. is posted in Oakland, CA. AIP thas A=Aint I=Impossible P=Pimpin mayne!
Your influences?
Quik, AMG, Young Bloodz, 2 $hort, Cash Money, Lil Wayne, Baby, Records, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eightball/MJG, Goldy, JD, Lil Flip, Clipse. Big Daddy Kane, Positive K!George Clinton, YGK, Mike Jones, Dip Set, E40, Keak Da Sneak, SOZ, Young Droop, Bigger Figga,{RIP James Brown da God Father} Cameo!
My main influence: Mother is my musical rap influence since she use to be a Speaker at church and taugh me how to present.
Favorite spot?
The High Sierra going up to Reno Nevada. Mountain keep you in touch with how small you are on this planet. Basketball,
Equipment used:
AW16G, MP7, Korg D16, M1,X3, Protools, Cubase SX, Spectrasonics Virtual Instrumental Suite. Stylus, Trilogy, Atmosphere on PC, MPC 2000. Mackie Mixers, Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro, MPX 100 Lexicon FX, Rode Condenser Mic.
Anything else...?
This is what real Playaz and Hustlerz do.
Street "Flowz" wit flamin HipHop beatz. It's On!
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