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DJ Mortality
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I am a young artist that when producing beats or mastering tracks go by the name of DJ Mortality. Music is pretty much all I have going for me. Its all I do, all I've ever done besides school. I listen to and make it on almost all of my free time. I decided to take a serious step in the direction of this industry around age 12. My first interest was making beats, it seemed alot funner and more fulfilling than rapping. Then I learned about producing, and finally I decided to just do all three. When rapping, I go by the name of Prodda G. Chances are I'll make it as one of them right? Theres nothing like the stage, the studio, or the mic - to me that is. Everything I do, and everything I've done, I'm self taught. I've always had to do and still do things my own way. I seek professional help 24/7 don't get me wrong, but I either get turned down because I'm not a "big" artist or they just dont have the time, and I continue about my business. People tell me all the time "Your good, but your not good enough to make it in the "game", and for a while, I believed them. For a year and a half, no one had even heard of me AT ALL. So I started searching ways on how to at least get people to know my name. I tried myspace, youtube, facebook etc. , where I thought everyone connected. I was right about the connection, and it did get me noticed a little, but I soon found out why it was only by a little. I was connecting with the wrong "crowd", I needed people who were solely about music....and money. Then I heard about soundclick, where everyone seems to get noticed. Hopefully, this'll be where my career takes its toll on the world, and I can finally start getting some recognition beyond my family and friends.
Why this name?
DJ Mortality was actually a decision me and my friend , "Peso The Great" - Retired, had suggested for me as I started getting serious about music. "Prodda G" was a name I decided to name my vocal productions under. Seeing as many people know me as DJ Mortality now, I decided to keep it as an alternative name as to when I produce tracks, spin the tables at shows, make beats, etc.
Do you play live?
Only once at a teen club. I love the mic, the crowd, the lights....nothing compares to it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If it wasnt for the internet I probably wouldnt be in this situation.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course! First chance I get....
Your influences?
Super Producers - Zaytoven, K.E. On The Track, Vybe Beatz, Big Fruit
Rappers - The Young Money Team, Tha Joker, Roscoe Dash
Favorite spot?
Spotlight Teen Club - Mcdonough, Georgia
4Citys Teen Club - Mcdonough, Georgia
Equipment used:
Keyboard, MPC, Synthesizers, PC, Labtopp, Turntables, Mic
My life
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