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play hi-fi Born Wild
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Moral Factor
Other Side
New School
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play hi-fi  Musica
play hi-fi  HotShower
play hi-fi  El pasajero
play hi-fi  La orilla
play hi-fi  Blues de las lagrimas
play hi-fi  Todo Problemas (sin mezclar, sin masterizar)
play hi-fi  (Ensayo) MoralFactor - apagando la tele
play hi-fi  (Ensayo) MoralFactor - Jean tiene razon
play hi-fi  Pipi Blues
play hi-fi  Travelling guns
That's MoralFactor
The Clock-Machine right there
Me with the drummers little brother
Me with my bassist and a friend's little brother
Bass and back up vox :)
They got me dressed like a normal person
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