Rhythm Instrumental
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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Doof*Chill*Calm*Relax(Pop/R&B/HipHop)
play lo-fi play hi-fi  AKAI2 **2014**R&B/HipHop
play lo-fi play hi-fi  X2 new beat** RnB/HipHop/Pop
play lo-fi play hi-fi  mod arrange 2(hiphop)
play lo-fi play hi-fi  element **2014**
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Mystic(HipHop)- *Dark Mystic Sound*
play lo-fi play hi-fi  The Interlude(Pop/R&B) *Slow/Medium Pace*
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Hit***ALL DRUMS***
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Black Hole(HipHop)**Sci-Fi Themed**
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Hear ME

- Use for Mixtape, live performances, video, radio and non profitable projects
- Must give credit to Chamber Music Production Group(Produced By Rhythm Instrumental)
- Rhythm still owns rights to instrumental

Will receive in MP3 format within 24 hours

- Use for mixtape, albums, videos radio and live performances.
- Unlimited amount of copies.
- Must give credit to Chamber Music Production Group (produced by Rhythm)
will receive in mp3/wav f format with tracked out files. Delivered within 48 hours Tags be removed
- Beat is exclusively yours.

Please allow up to 24 hours after payment for the files to be sent to your email address.

For non profitable projects

Download via Soundclick


Your influences?
Everything. i listen to everything to get ideas. japanese music , thai music, brazilian music, rock, pop anything!
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