The Cratez
Crazy Fantasies | Schoolboy Q | No Samples
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Post Modern Dead Era
Melting by Post Modern Dead Era
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All music by Tyler Dedera
The Cratez
Crazy Fantasies | Schoolboy Q | No Samples
Gangsta | purchase your beats now | 2 beats $25 | 5 beats $50 | 10 beats $75 |
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"2010" - " "

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All music written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Tyler Dedera.

All samples are written, recorded & performed by Tyler Dedera except:

Ashley Clausen, Vocal samples on:
'Between The Two', 'Complaisance', 'Elevation Drop', 'Fork Tongue Figurine', 'Dumbing Down', 'Amidst The Taurine Plethora', & 'Water Vapor'

Anneke Kampman, Vocal Samples on:
'Candle Wax Collection', 'Antitrance', 'Existential Penciled Stencils', 'Pines', 'Existential Penciled Stencils', '84', 'Spiders In Space', 'Horizontal', 'Panic Attacking', 'Lamp Shades', '7.09', '7.15', 'Maybe Maybes Matter', 'Whey Face', & '8 Hours'

Anna Lynne Williams, Vocal Samples on:
'Slow Motion Panorama', 'Percieved Precision', 'Humidifier', 'Antitrance', 'Existential Penciled Stencils', 'Elevation Drop', 'Swamp Cooler', 'Panic Attacking', 'Lamp Shades', 'Cloud Formation', '7.11', '7.15', '7.17', 'Maybe Maybes Matter', 'Whey Face', & 'Spate Abating'

Vocals Samples on 'Robot Ears' are from the movie "Grandma's Boy".


Dark & heavier tracks from the 8405-6twenty4 recording sessions, including some remasters and a previously unreleased recording. All music by Tyler Dedera.


Various tracks from the 6twenty1-6twenty4 recording sessions. All music by Tyler Dedera.


Various tracks from the 8405-8410 recording sessions. All music by Tyler Dedera.

Why this name?
It's an inside joke and a play on my name.
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, Dust Brothers, UNKLE, Mogwai, Zero 7, The Bad Plus, Aphex Twin, Comets On Fire
Equipment used:
DAWs: Garageband, Logic Pro, & Protools.

Drums: DW, Pearl, Premier, Roland, Sabian, Zildjan, & Paiste

Guitar: Epiphone, Ibanez, & Martin,

Bass: Rogue & Ibanez

Keys/Synths: Roland & KORG

Amps: Roland, Marshall, Fender, Dan Electro, & Mesa

VSTs: Camel Alchemy, LennarDigital Sylenth, Sugarbytes Unique, Logic Pro Sculpture, Logic Pro EXS24, Logic Pro EVB3, & Logic Pro Ultrabeat

FX VSTs: Garritan Ambience, Izotope Ozone 4/Trash, MDA Degrader/Re-Psycho/Tracker, Ohm Force Mobilohm/Ohm Boyz/Ohmicide, Sonic Birth Width Enhancer, Sugarbytes Artillery/Robotronic/Turnado, Ten by Ten GWS Ran Pan, & Various fx that come with the above DAWs.
7.4 Sleep
Post Modern Dead Era
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