Last Summer 2012/2013
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Summer with birds and the beach and Photoshop fighting a stalk, a gang of strangers. Loud at times. Western Australia.
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New School
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play hi-fi  Fast Track Reviewed
play hi-fi  Schizophrenia
play hi-fi  Dont Dance
play hi-fi  Noone There
play hi-fi  Hard Dough
play hi-fi  Fast Move Thing
play hi-fi  Two Tipsy Hobos Sing I Get The Blues In The Night
play hi-fi  Anytime Man Blues In Three Parts
play hi-fi  My Alien Hears Voices-Much Too Fancy Blues
play hi-fi  Street Corner Mad John Happy
Why this name?
It's my name. I tried Bobby Bluesbrother but it didn't catch. Nor did my name. It doesn't matter.
Do you play live?
As a busker, yeah, you could say that. Gotta watch out for drunks.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Hope so.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if Robert Plant sang and Eric Clapton played.
Band History:
Some streets are better than others. Time of day. Council officers.
Your influences?
Life. Honestly. If I was a better guitar player maybe Rolling Stones.
Favorite spot?
Perth. The beach.
Equipment used:
Old guitars.
Anything else...?
Folley? Reverb. Audacity.
picture of myself 11 10 14
22 02 14, evening. True story.
Today's cartoon, 21 12 13.
Yesterday, 11 12 13, morning.
30 11 13
Bigger Fish
Daglish station, from the opposite train
Do try to actually note the note people.
14 09 13, my new old style of cartoons.
22 08 13
Me, today, 12 08 13. By the way, due to computer
Van Ridsdick.
10 08 13, from dozing 07 08 13.
Also today, 08 08 13
10 05 13
22 05 13
True story.
From Tuesday 30 07 13 at Subiaco.
Wednesday 24 07 13.
Hollow Men Spies Ain't Bored.
Paid work a few years ago.
2003, Year Of The Stagnant Stranger Cats
2002, when strangers' attack starts. Vendetta
TAFE 2007, year of heart attacks.
As basic as I can make it!!
TAFE, 2000 or 2001. Before the attack.
Vaguely a redback from weeks ago.
Old news
Australia. Watch out for bakes. Nasty.
Vaguely see robphillips at redbubble
Yellow on my back, red on my head, and brown pants
Photoshop. My Graphic Design today.
Vaguely my fault, yet utter strangers?
Me, 04 04 13.
My Graphic Design these days.
Photoshop. My Graphic Design today.
Photoshop. My Graphic Design.
Crime is volunteering to be a coward.
The 'duck' is Photoshop.
Came toward me!! Toward!!
I changed the shop window.
Past and new.
2000 TAFE. Not under attack.
Rolls Royce 2000.
No idea who's looking at me.
I was on the run from ' '. Still am. 'Fame'.
Where I go sometimes. Cool bananas.
Life with Venus, and eyes in the back of my head.
1990s typical busking fare. Vicious hecklers...
So long a stalk a conundrum!!!
Sorry if I bore anyone. I bounce and study true
Stranded On A Desert Highway
Anyone out get wired, don't expect this. Trust me.
Toilet paper design!!!
Ever feel like a stranger in a storm?
Claremont School Of Art
New Top Hat
Cocky at Govindas
Just happens sometimes right?
Think Nova. Think Supernova.
The world catches you guys.
Big surfie freedom right guys!!???
Yep. I can work. 2003.
When Alex was 4 I was free.
See my animations robertemerald at YouTube
No idea who's looking at me.
Back of my first business card. See below for fro
Vector. Vector art. Illustrator. Thankyou.
Mean it.
Was happy way back 1991.
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