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NEWS   Have started working nights in a well known studio doing a lot of contract work - both drums and bass.
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Hi - my band is, well, just me having fun. I sleep, dream up ideas for songs, and then try and make them reality before I forget them.
Why this name?
RedonKiLaus = Redonculous as in totally rediciulous
Do you play live?
I used to be in a really great country band ... that was back in 1979 before most people were born. I quit music until July of 2010, at which time I started playing and trying my hand at songwriting.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I can make music, get it out there, and see what people think. I am just learning the craft - if I come up with a hit, I will know by the number of downloads - I have a long way to go!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but my songwriting skills are not yet matured enough to be worthy of being called anything othere than a beginning songwriter.
Band History:
I was born in Dallas, Texas, grew up in El Paso, have spent a lot of time in Europe (esp. Germany) and love people. That's about it.
Your influences?
60's English bands.
Favorite spot?
Kanab, Utah and Jerome, Arizona. Of course, I would love to move to Germany and retire there.
Equipment used:
Neuman TLM193, Focusrite Pre, M-Box Mini, 27" iMac with i7, Pro Tools 9, Gibson guitars, Ludwig drums, Alesis keyboards and many various items I have collected for years and years.
Anything else...?
If anyone likes any of my songs ... feel free to take them, rewrite them, change the melody a bit, and record them - 'cause I only am interested in writing ... just be sure and send me a copy so I can hear it.
Mike Curl playing electronic drums
Peavey VB-2 Bass Amp + 64 Fender Deluxe
Peavey VB-2 Bass Amp
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