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Doug Mitchell
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Doug Mitchell is a singer/songwriter who is getting national attention. He has 5 solo albums along with numerous awards and achievments. Go to for complete Doug Mitchell information, purchasing, calendar of events page and more...


Why this name?
About Doug Mitchell
The Boston Globe once said " Doug Mitchell songwriter-performer is a refreshing summer breeze on today's music scene." His music really says something. Every time you listen to one of his songs, you hear another innuendo. What seemed so simple at first becomes deeper and more meaningful. Either way, if you're just listening at the surface or digging deeper into the soul of his music, it feels good.

Singer/Songwriter Doug Mitchell Doug Mitchell's music flows freely, speaking to all - young and old, happy and melancholy, wise and foolish. Everyone leaves a Mitchell performance feeling as if they have been individually serenaded.

He is comfortable with his music whether it is in a large university setting or a small intimate private audience. Coffee house, club, or concert hall is home to Doug Mitchell.

Doug arranges and composes many of his selections. He has a seemingly limitless repertoire of over 2000 songs reaching back to classic folk and constantly shifting pace with contemporary and the classics of Paul Simon, The Eagles, Bob Seger, Crosby,Stills and Nash, Elton John, Bonny Raitt (to name a few)and selections from his four albums.

Resilient and articulate, his performances whether solo, duet or full band are a pleasure not often found in today's musical world that seems to target specific audiences to the dismay of all others.

Doug left the University of New Hampshire to further explore the musical world. Since that time, he has played an average of 250 shows a year. A farm boy who has handled horses since he can remember, he became one of the most respected Harness Horse drivers in the area, with over 500 career wins racing horses from the Meadowlands in NJ to the summer fairs in Maine.

With the help of his brother, they built a modern spacious state of the art recording studio on the family farm. This is where his original manuscripts take form. He has engineered thousands of songs for artists from Boston to Bangor, Maine. He is a talented young man who weaves his many lives into his music and performances.

He has performed with Jonathan Edwards, Bonnie Raitt, The Outlaws, Stonewall Jackson, Motley Crue, John Prine, Sawyer Brown, Don Maclean, Fog Hat and Willie Nelson (to name a few) as an opener.

Although he would not be considered a traditional country performer, four of his songs - "5 Cent Strawberry Soda" "Love" "Time to Say Goodbye" and "Sunshine Where She Goes"- were selected as song of the year four years out of five by the Country Music Association.

Musical awards adorn his walls but nothing matches what the audience and he get from a live performance, whether it be solo, duet or band.

Doug's albums are available from Kingston Records.

He is available for booking as a solo artist, duo with John Davies renowned bassist, band "SUM X 4" John Davies - bass, Joe Green-drums, Peter Finkle-lead guitar & vocals.
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