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NEWS   New song released on Dec 1, 2012: "Man I'm Gonna Miss Montana". It's a good 'un! smile :)

My first CD, "On The Road To Hog Heaven", is finally done! Go to to buy it for a measly $5.
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play hi-fi  Man I'm Gonna Miss Montana
play hi-fi  All Around Texas
play hi-fi  Thirty More Miles
play hi-fi  Get Your Act Together
play hi-fi  Please Take This Letter To Heaven
play hi-fi  Bury Me on an Arkansas Hilltop
play hi-fi  Get On That Boat
play hi-fi  Last Train
play hi-fi  River Oh River
play hi-fi  Dark Hollow
Hog Time Music is the creative outlet of Ralph Goff. I write most of the songs and record them in my home based studio, Hog Time Studio.

I'm backed up on many songs by my long time musical partner and friend, John Jett, playing banjo and resonator guitar. John is also the artist of the Hog Time Music drawing. I primarily play acoustic guitar (1969 Martin D18, Taylor 812C and 1963 Gibson Southern Jumbo), and add some fills with mandolin on some songs. In addition, most vocal work is by me. Computer generated drum and bass is also used on some songs.
Why this name?
The motto of Hog Time Music (and seed for its name) is "What's Time to a Hog?". It was a favorite saying of my late, and much admired, father. Basically it means that an old farm hog doesn't have much on its schedule for the day, so it's usually available for anything. So when you're stressed out over your hectic life, just try to carve out a little "hog time" and relax.
Do you play live?
I play live only at open mics. Would like to play in a group that did gigs a couple of times a month. I jam regularly with friends.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's great!. Now the local musician and songwriter can get some wider exposure.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm realistic. Not in the cards for me. Will only appear on my own label.
Band History:
It was the late 1950s. Four high school boys from Fayetteville, Arkansas formed a 4 piece Rock and Roll band, "The Valiants" (bands named after cars were common in those days). Through the early 60s, they played school dances and some of the local college hangouts. One of those hangouts was the Rockwood Club. Other frequent performers there were Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks. The Hawks (less Ronnie) later went on to national fame as "The Band". Fast forward to now. Ex-Valiants Ralph Goff and John Jett have lived in Southern California for over 30 years, but have not gone on to national fame in anything, much less R&R. However, they have maintained their friendship and interest in music all this time. The 70s saw musical interest shift to bluegrass music. Now it's all over the map - rock, blues, country, folk and bluegrass. Current musical activity consists of a couple of weekly jam sessions and a public "open mike" session, here or there. In the future, who knows? Maybe playing the "nursing home circuit" or something similarly exciting.
Your influences?
Fellow "Arkie" Ronnie Hawkins (whose backup band later became "The Band"), BB King, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Reed
Favorite spot?
Eastern Sierra mountains in California
Equipment used:
Now using a Yamaha AW1600 16 track hard disk recorder. However, many of my songs were done on the prior version AW16G recorder, which is very similar to the AW1600.
Anything else...?
Visit the Hog Time Music web site at