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Jimi Inphinity
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play hi-fi  Shinin' Ft.- Big Skitz
play hi-fi  Swear 2 God Ft.- JellyRoll & Big Skitz
play hi-fi  Exkerz me!!! Ft- Fatal aka Wille D
play hi-fi  Play Me - Ft. Freeze 803163
play hi-fi  Make Da Club Jump! Ft.-Big $kitz & Krayz Kracka
play hi-fi  Mmmkay! Ft. Big $kitz
play hi-fi  Doubtin Me Ft. Young Vett
play hi-fi  Beats in the trunk Ft. Big $kitz
play hi-fi  INDIANA BOY!!! (MGK "Wildboy" Remix) Ft. Big $kitz
play hi-fi  Supa Tight! - Ft. Big $kitz
Jimi Inphinity is an artist and C.O.O. of "Real Street Ent."; an "INDY"pendent entertainment company, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Jimi started working on his craft for over 10 years ago, and his hard work and dedication is finally starting to payoff! He is recognized as one of "Indiana's Heavywieghts" and a "Lyrical MidWest Monster"! !! His 1st major project, "Fear & Loathing In Indiana" (released on 4/20/13), was a collaboration album with "Big Skitz", and was a major underground success! Now its a year later, and Jimi Inphinity has continued his "4/20 Tradition", by dropping another Indiana-Classic, "2 Inphinity N Beyond, Volume 1", and is already in the studio working on "Volume 2"!

He is a 26 year old emcee, originally from Baltimore. The only thing he loves more than music, are his kids! He is the proud parent of a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. He gets alot of his focus, drive, and dedication, from his children, so that they can have a better life and more opprotunities than he did.
Growing up Jimi Inphinity was constantly "The New Kid"; He moved to & lived in about as many cities and states as he is years old! He was born in the Baltimore/ Washington D.C. area, then moved to places, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Indiana, and even spent 2 years in military school in South Carolina .

Music has always been a HUGE part of Jimi Inphinity's life! He not only writes, records, performs, produces, and promotes his own music, but as "Real Street Entertainment", he and Big Skitz (C.E.O. of Real Street Ent.) also book globally-known acts, for thier own events here in Indiana! To Jimi, music is a release, or like therapy to him. Jimi has created his own lane in the Indiana Hip Hop scene, by collaborating and working with other local hip hop labels, in an effort to "...unite Indiana emcees, and put Indiana Hip-Hop on the map"! Using his own life stories, as well as inspiration from the world around him, combined with "Bangin' beats" and super-catchy hooks, Jimi Inphinity is able to create the kind of music, that leaves fans & listeners begging for more! #RSE

*FOR BOOKING INFO:* OR (317) 602-0050

R.I.H.Brittany March!

Why this name?
Well, My dude Nate Witt actually gave me that nickname while I was still a freshman in highschool! We were sittin around drunk one night flowin and I got off on this rant for like more than 48 barz! Nate was all, "Damn, Ima call u Jimi Inphinity... u dont never shut up! lol... Quit hoggin the beat!" .... and the rest is history... jus to lazy to ever come up with somethin new, I guess!
Do you play live?
Yea... ALL THE TIME!! HMU 4 BOOKING @: (317) 602-0050 OR
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think the internet creates a lot of piracy n theft from artists wit free downloads, but at the same time it definately gives em exposure n more opprotunities to be discovered.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Dumb question.......OF COURSE I WOULD!!!!
Band History:
Not too much here.... jus a couple of lyrical crackers from Naptown!
Your influences?
I listen to all different genres and kinds of music, from rock, reggae, to blues, and country..... but my biggest influence is definitely hip-hop. I listen to JellyRoll, Tech N9ne and ALL of StrangeMusic, Ludacris, TI, Eminem, MGK, Yelawolf/Slumerican Copywrite, Lil Wyte, Young Jeezy, Jedi Mind Tricks, C Rayz Wals, NWA, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Nonphixion, Immortal Technique, Jakki the Motta Mouth, Illogic, Atmosphere, Blueprint, Murs, Bone Thugs, Big L, and of course Biggie and Pac! I could go on for dayz about all the different artists that have influenced me over the years. But don't get it twisted cuz I listen to all kinds of different music genres; MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!!!!!
Favorite spot?
INDIANAPOLIS/ Naptown baby!
Equipment used:
Pro Tools
Anything else...?
R.S.E. til I D.I.E.
$10*ALL AGES SHOW* WITH Psychopathic Records, AMB
"2 Inphinity N Beyond" COMING SUMMER 2014!!! #RSE
Back cover for "2 Inphinity N Beyond"
GOT TIX 4 BOTH SHOWS W/ @JellyRoll! (317) 602-0050
Skitz & Inphinity
Real Street Ent
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