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Don't Trash My America
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Message to elected officials to do their jobs and get back to traditional American values.
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Doug Buche
U.S. Copyright, Doug Buche 2010
Patriotic and Inspirational Songs by Doug Buche
Thu Jul 01, 2010
Rock : Rock n Roll
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About the song
The song tells what is behind this song - out of control and arrogant elected officials who want to do it their way versus the American way.
Don't Trash My America
© Doug Buche, 2010
1st Verse:

When the government is becoming the world's largest labor union.
When it wants to tell you what you can eat and what you can drink,
When it wants to be your banker, your car dealer, and your family doctor.
When it wants to control your news, and to tell you what to think.


That's not my America, don't trash my America.
I will fight for my country and for each of its 50 states.
These changes that are taking place, to me are such a disgrace,
The problem, not solution, for the USA.

2nd Verse:

What do you think, how do you feel about our country?
Did you ever think this country would be changing in this way?
A watered down America, a European hybrid,
Not the change that most of us want for the USA.


When the government wants to tax and spend more than it makes,
When it wants to blame its citizens for its mistakes.
Its time to say we've had enough, time to take a stand.
It's time to draw the line, or get out of the sand.

Revised Chorus and End:

So give me back my America, Stop blaming America.
Control our borders, read your bills, earn your pay.
Stop blocking the rest of us, cause we are the best of us.
If you can't do your jobs, just get out of the way.