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Using a free minimalist DAW called 'musagi', this is a little tune to the topic of action movie score. We had a little challenge thread on the musagi forum at the time. Not long after this I started to write a mod of this open source app.
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There are many big questions in life and most of
them seem to offer more than just one answer and
those answers point in so many directions, while
every direction just proves to ask more of those
questions, yet, there is one constant in my life,
which traveled along all the way and never left
me; and that's my music.
Why this name?
I never knew this name existed, when I thought
about how I wanted my name to sound. It's fantasy, a day dream and a projection.
Do you play live?
I did a few gigs in my life...long time, though.
No plans so far...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Massive change to the world of musicians and anyone, who knows that there's a meaning in sharing what otherwise would simply vanish unknown.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes, a good contract for sure.
Band History:
28 years of composing music... and that's all I can come up with. Hmmm...
Your influences?
nature, rhythm of life, electronica, c64, narration, venting emotions, some old Genesis (progressive rock), Art of Noise, Bjork, Amon Tobin, Mike Oldfield, all of those had an influence somehow I think.
Favorite spot?
On the north-west wall of the castle of Heidelberg, overlooking the city at sunset.
Other than that...any place with a grand piano
and the time and peace to play it.
Equipment used:
Used to love Propellerhead's Reason. Now I favor VSTI's and currently MuLab to compose. I still use my trusty Korg M1 as masterkeyboard, but secretly wished I one day could allow myself to buy a decent one.
Anything else...?
It's easy for me not to have any professional pride when it comes to music. I'm not a professional musician. 8)
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