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Nice Guy Records
Jaden (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Last Laugh - No Coast
play hi-fi  Last Laugh - Nightmare On Elm St.
play hi-fi  Moloko Plus - I-57
play hi-fi  Moloko Plus - Born To Die
play hi-fi  Dropkickmejesus - Gag Reflex
play hi-fi  Dropkickmejesus - Why Are All The Cool Girls Gay?
play hi-fi  Dropkickmejesus - I Hate Cops
Nice Guy Records is an independent punk rock label based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please check out the free mp3s of our artists. If you like the songs, please support the bands by buying their CDs either in stores or at, or Visit out website at and for more information.

ANCHOR SET - Home: Boston, MA - Style: Emo-core with metal overtones and pop undertones - LISTEN

BOTTOM LINE - Home: Cincinnati, OH - Style: Pop punk loaded with harmonies and a creative rock edge - LISTEN

THE FONZARELLIES - Home: Omaha, NE - Style: Straight-up rock n' roll with a pop-punk flair - LISTEN

THE INTERNS - Home: Cleveland, OH - Style: Gin Blossoms influenced pop punk - LISTEN

J. PAGE - Home: Gainesville, FL - Style: Straight-ahed whiskey drenched punk rock - LISTEN

TRAVOLTAS - Home: The Netherlands - Style: Beach Boys meets The Ramones pop punk - LISTEN

WHEN SPARKS FLY - Home: Dayton, OH - Style: Hard-hitting melodic punk with two singers - LISTEN

For songs from our older and out of print releases, check out: THE SCRUBS - MOLOKO PLUS/LAST LAUGH - DROPKICKMEJESUS

When Sparks Fly "We Who Are About To Die" CD - In stores 11/25/03