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Why this name?
The new saying is keep it 100, but I have been adopting the saying Go for the gusto since 2000 and actually even before that. What it always meant to me was if you are going to do something, go for it 100% or put the best of your energy and effort into it. This statement sums up where I'm trying to go and where I'm would like to be mentally and spiritually.
The Eddie Gusto motivation is to reach the streets, the pews and even the multimedia. This drive to use the microphone as one of the tools to address what is happening in the media, society, and the world as a whole, Eddie Gusto has been ever growing into his music along with preparing for the times ahead. With a true original love for music and a youth background at playing the piano, trumpet and even a crack at singing, Gusto should be considered a veteran. An artist that has a familiarity with notes, chords and just good sounding music he can be a slow rising versatile powerhouse once given the professional outlet. There is no denying that music is in his blood. The inspiration comes from his praise and the strength of pressing forward in faith.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I am not currently signed to any record label but if the opportunity presents itself I will not disappoint.
Band History:
A quick history at Gusto's music career started in the early 90s with a rap partner that began a local group. A demo album was made and taken to Horizon Sound Studios. Afterwards they went back and honed their skills but the duo eventually went separate paths. Formerly known as Da Fallguy, he found a name opposite of the last and with a new vision as the now saved Eddie Gusto. While stationed in Korea, EG did shows with two of the best rap artist on base at the time. One of the songs aired on local radio while in Korea as a commercial for an upcoming on base event. Also, that same year, he appeared on stage with one of the famous golden-era rap groups of the 90s NBN while they toured in 2000. From 2002 to 2008 Eddie Gusto has recorded a compilation of songs and project albums all of which have been performed at local churches and venues and or displayed on the internet.
Your influences?
I love music that inspires and encourages, and just sounds like music.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Protools, and FL Studio, Maschine
Anything else...?
Also, if you liked what you heard and want to hear some of my previous work, here is the link to songs I've done since 2002. Please make your comments and questions to
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