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NEWS   A little update, I've been putting together a band, Don Judy and The Blues Echoes. We'll have a little something up soon on our own page, I'm still going to put some new acoustic material up here soon.
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play hi-fi  Buck it (Instr)
play hi-fi  time flies 120308
play hi-fi  Win'in' Beau Guitar
play hi-fi  Trouble Is Mine
play hi-fi  Still Gone
play hi-fi  Pallet Wrapped In Ragtime
play hi-fi  Dallas Rag
Bringing you music or something resembling it
for 30 years and then some. Some tunes I've
written and recorded can be found here. Hope
you like them. They're generally fingerpicked, often acoustic, sometimes not.

Why this name?
It was a gift. But I never granted any favors in return. Really. Prove it.
Do you play live?
Email me if you want me to come play. Or call me. That number's around here somewhere.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The regular way.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
How much up front?
Band History:
Playing in various bands, duos, trios, and as a
solo artist since 1970 or thereabout.
Your influences?
Merle Travis and Chet Atkins, John Hurt, Bill Broonzy and Lonnie Johnson. And Larry Johnson. And Willie Nelson and Willie McTell, and Mickey Baker, and Jerry Byrd and Jerry Garcia, and Chuck
Berry and the 3 Kings and Guitar Slim and Slim
Harpo and Memphis Slim and Johnny Johnson and Keith Richards, Duane Eddy pretty much everything heard, I mean, how do you not get influenced?
Johnny Cash.... and that'll be cash on the barrelhead, son. Heh, he said barrelhead. Cool.
Equipment used:
A Samick archop, an old Suzuki classical... just guitar and voice.. maybe a slide sometimes, sometimes a little harp
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