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jj the kid
*Freefall* (Gunna x Future Type Beat)
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It's not really a band its just me,I produce the records and people sing over them,if I was in a band,I would be something like a drummer.
Why this name?
Well I just took the first letters out my name and put a kid at the end cause people would always think I am younger than my real age.
Do you play live?
No,I let the rapper get out there and take the shine.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Because it gives you a chance to be at other places at once.If it works for you do it,but the internet isnt for everybody,,,,sometimes you gotta get out the chair and hustle g.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell mu....f...kin yea,,
Band History:
I've been a producer or knew I wanted to be a musik producer when I use ta bang on the desk while one of my friends use to rap.I thought to my self this sh*** is awsome I can do this for a livin.
Your influences?
2 pac , biggie , ice cube ,gucci mane , waka flocka ,slim dunkin R.I.P ,juicy j ,lex lugar ,sonny digital ,certain movies can inspire me too like scarface, friday , juice , friday the 13 ,
Favorite spot?
Atlanta,because of the atmospere,big booty girls, the clubs, food,kush, fashion, everything down there is tight.
Equipment used:
I use all types of computer softwear like fruity loops..matter fact that's all I use is fruity loops
Anything else...?
If you lease, rent or buy any of my material you will be the happiest rapper, singer or fan on earth, because first off the beats I create are different, and just plain fire, also on a legal note, I am a member of ASCAP, my tracks are all copywrited, mastered, and radio ready, from me to you I promise you will be pleased.
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