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play hi-fi  Head of The Church
play hi-fi  WE ARE COMPLETE
play hi-fi  GO TO THE WORD
play hi-fi  God Is The One We Should Trust in First
play hi-fi  Holy Spirit
play hi-fi  Up Here in The Heavenlies
play hi-fi  Born Again (this version rocks a bit)
play hi-fi  Shields Up!
play hi-fi  Keep Talking to God
Soloist. Songwriter/singer. ASCAP member.

There is an extensive interview of me done by Scott Crawford, at My Big Black Cock . Do not let the site name alarm you. It is an "adult-themed music and entertainment" site. It is not a porn site, and you will not get tagged for spam if you go there. Scott is a journalist of integrity, who asked pertinent and penetrating questions, then printed my answers verbatim. Both God and His son received much attention in the interview.

"Fancy keyboard playing is the backdrop for this positive and upbeat collection. Hackley's vocals are reminiscent of Burl Ives." Review by Brent Castillo, The Wichita Eagle, March 5, 2005.

"world's wimpiest Christian rocker". Brother Russell Podcast;
not very flattering from Bro Russell

commendation by crosseyedben : INFLUENCES (a very lengthy list, ending with...) "and of course, Richard Hackley."

"Yet the songs on the Worst of the Worst can be compelling in their awfulness. Songs like Richard Hackley's rabble-rousing, hackles-raising spiritual God's Backhand ("We're not talking about tennis or Ping-Pong!") "; WOW! Big time slam from TIME

"Richard Hackley... HUGE musical influence. And a real bad mofo live."; support from a friend
Why this name?
In a sense, the name SongSermons got chosen for me. After different performances, I had different people remark how the songs were like short sermons. I was a little slow to put the two words together, but eventually did. (SongSermons is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office)
Do you play live?
I no longer perform live.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
A Facebook group was started (thank you, Brian H.) bearing my name. It is open to the public. Group name is Richard Craig Hackley
Your influences?
Beethoven and the Beatles.
Favorite spot?
Wherever I'm at. Part of the righteousness in Christ given to us is being in the right place at the right time. You can enjoy other places, but no other place should be your favorite than where you are.
Equipment used:
Cakewalk Pro Audio software. Roland JV-35 synthesizer.
Anything else...?
Here are all my music sites I maintain. All are free listens and downloads.
All the sites vary in content, though a few compositions will appear on multiple sites.
Most compositions are religious, but not all.

Songsermons (YOU ARE HERE)
Cancer Lessons Learned
NEHEMIAH - REBUILDER (the musical)
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