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Nov 2005 : Check out Poppy's new music with Hush Collector
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"cabaret pop and the Chemical Brothers. a juxtaposition
of that Bacharach soaked, electronics and that somewhat
sinister Bad Seeds sound". (FAC193)

formed in london by poppy gonzalez (mojave 3/sing-sing) and
gregg mckella (paradise 9 /jeanette murphy)later joined by
amy tucker (the whims) - dreamfield are not currently existing as a live band.
however their dreamy recordings have earned them some loyal
fans around the globe...and who knows, there may be a 'one off' at some point if the mood is right.

described as 'music to lose yourself to' -
look out for a cd ep of previously unreleased songs later this year.

*see also poppy gonzalez new band hush collector

Why this name?
poppy was on a usa tour with mojave 3, in a record store in chicago when the store owner played an album by 'babble' (to sooth some rather hungover heads). she asked the store owner what it was and he gave her the cd as a gift. on inspection, she spotted a track called 'dreamfield' - which just about summed up the music that was brewing in her head as an idea at the time, although dreamfield as a band, came later...
Do you play live?
no intentions at the moment - our most interesting live performance was our 'charlie chaplin
museum of modern art'
gig in estonia, that most enjoyable
performance was amid the sculptures & paintings and was
broadcast live on national tv.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
great promotion tool that reaches the parts others can't ; )
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
absolutely not.
Band History:

dreamfield released two cds the last few remaining copies can be found at :
'take me with you' (M4001CD) and
'christopher's dream' (DR002CD)
on independent labels - an ep of previously unreleased songs
is scheduled for this year.

both cds are now available for digital download at the following sites among others :

Your influences?
talk talk, dub, psychedelia, good songs
Favorite spot?
brighton uk, cadiz spain.
Equipment used:
dreamfield use a combination of organic and electronic instruments -
whatever is needed for the song.
Anything else...?